Sensual Satin Fetish HJ

mp4 308.05 MB

I take your breath away. You keep coming back for more. Me in satin just puts you over the edge. You can't resist. Go on, dive in. Let yourself be taken. Give up control. Put yourself in my hands...
Length: 10 minutes

Satin Seduction Brainwash

mp4 350.17 MB

I use your love for satin (& me) to completely mind-fuck you. You will stroke for me exactly as I instruct you to. You will give up control to me...helpless to resist my seduction...
Length: 13 minutes

MILF's Satin Panty Boy

mp4 331.55 MB

I catch you wearing my panties. Uh-oh. I tease you about it & let you know that I've suspected you had a fetish for satin for awhile. I decide to indulge your perversions and guide you in a sensual masturbation instruction...
Length: 12 minutes

Grand Cum Load Gracefully Extracted

mp4 530.33 MB

A beautiful, classy, elegantly Dominant woman in a satin robe...her velvety voice, teasing you, seducing you...a huge cock & a massive cum shot (repeated in slow motion to be thoroughly enjoyed): EPIC.
Length: 18 minutes

Satin Glove Seduction

wmv 389.82 MB

Your neighbor stops in for a visit when she notices your light is still on. She's just getting back from the symphony and is wearing gorgeous shiny, satin, opera length gloves. She knows this is your'll have to promise to do whatever she wants if you want her to finish what she starts. (Don't worry, there's a nice big cum shot! Wouldn't YOU promise anything to feel those gloves against YOUR cock???)
Length: 11 minutes