New To Her Plantation

mp4 246.64 MB

A new slave is examined for suitability...will he be best suited for field work or for breeding...? (The "N" word is NOT used in this vid).
Length: 8 minutes

Watch My Home Video

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I'm conditioning you to be my perfect cuckold. I've been keeping you in chastity & now you will finally get a release, but while watching a video of me fucking a black guy. You will see how you don't measure up & how you can never satisfy me like a muscular black stud with a big cock. I will brain wash you to only be able to cum when you know I am getting sexual pleasure.
Length: 9 minutes

Worship Superior White Ass

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Interracial play & ass worship!
Length: 6 minutes

Black Bull Humiliating Initiation

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Not all hot, hung black men can perform as bulls. Testing is rigorous & they don't all measure up. This cocky stud thought he could do the job but he fails to perform quite to my high standard...leaving him humiliated & humbled. (If you like interracial play & hand jobs, this is a great vid...the humiliation aspect is on the sensual light/teasing side & mostly at the end. There is a cum shot but it is inadequate because he excitedly & stupidly jerked off shortly before, which is mainly why I humiliate him.)
Length: 15 minutes

Tribute Superior White Goddess

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This video is specifically designed for black slaves who worship white Goddess's. Warning: Non-politically correct terms used.
Length: 6 minutes.

Hotwife For BBC

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This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). You are watching me get ready for my date. I'm excited because it will be my 1st time with a black stud & I've wanted a BBC (big black cock) for a long time. You just don't satisfy me in bed so it's time for me to find a real man who can please me. I drench myself in oil & hand you some, encouraging you to stroke your lubed up dick as I talk about the hot sex I'm going to have. I give you a count down to cum for me just before I leave for my date.
Length: 14 minutes

Vows Of Devotion

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This is a custom vid (the name mentioned is a politically incorrect slang term). If you are a submissive BLACK man who wants to devote himself to me, Mistress T, like a religion, this vid is a good start. (Disclaimer: extreme theme & words.)
Length: 5 minutes

Gay Training For Black Slave

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I plan to pimp out this black slave so he'll need to be trained properly. I tell him about the things he'll do for me with those men as he gags on my huge lady cock & takes it up the ass. I stretch & work in both of his slut holes mercilessly. Warning: Aggressive action & extreme language.
Length: 15 minutes

Interracial Ass Worship and Post Cum Torment

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Black slave, white Dominatrix...ass worship...sensual all the way through until the orgasm, then it's cruel post cum torment for the unfortunate slave!
Length: 7 minutes

Your Cuckolding Vid

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You are my cuckold now...I'm making this vid to show you..I want you to see me getting fucked properly by a black stud. See how he pleases me like you can't?
Length: 29 minutes