Medical Exam Extraction

mp4 373.9 MB

A proper, full medical exam includes testing sexual function. Penile responsiveness, consistency of erection, length of time to ejaculation & amount of ejaculate. A series of questions are also asked of the patient, including masturbation habits, sexual fantasies, etc. Tone of the examination: professional & conservative with proper medical terms rather than slang (penis instead of cock, etc.) with dark navy blue/purple latex medical gloves.
Length: 13 minutes

Denied With Purple Gloves

mp4 186.45 MB

I know you love latex/rubber gloves...but this is not going to be nice for you...I want you to stroke along with me, enjoy the eye candy...then deny yourself the same way I deny him! No orgasm for him! No orgasm for you!
Length: 6 minutes

Latex Glove Therapy JOI

mp4 280.36 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned: I'm a therapist who you're seeing about your fetish for latex gloves. I test out your progress & find that you are still very addicted. I might be a sadistic therapist who is manipulating your weakness's...

Blue Rubber Glove Milking

mp4 254.21 MB

"Jesus H Christ, is that a hot naked vixen wearing sexy latex gloves jerking a huge cock in a sensually Dominant way?" Yup. *smile*
Length: 8 minutes

Sexual Function Medical Exam

mp4 408.65 MB

A young man comes to a doctor for an exam. She asks questions about his sexual health, his masturbation habits, his ejaculations, etc. A prostate exam is done. An ejaculation must produced and the good doctor administers the procedure. (This is a conservative medical themed hand job video using professional medical "penis" & "ejaculation" & latex medical gloves.)
Length: 14 minutes

Sperm Sample

mp4 226.19 MB

As a nurse in a sperm donor clinic I'm used to dealing with donors who are having trouble producing a sperm sample. Usually they just need an assertive woman to take control...I find it's effective to edge the patient, getting them really worked up so they produce a nice big sample for me...and why shouldn't I get some pleasure from my job when I have a nice big THICK cock at my disposal...
Length: 11 minutes

Medical Test (Hand Job)

mp4 169.8 MB

Women want virile men with large cocks who can get hard, stay hard & ejaculate on command. I conduct medical tests to assess the virility of men, to see if they're worthy...
Length: 6 minutes

Husband Training

mp4 340.27 MB

A wife sends her husband to me for first I tell him it's because she's caught him jerking off to porn on the internet of women taking loads of cum on their face & in their mouths...which is true, but that's not the full story. I eventually tell him that his wife has been cheating on him & she intends on turning him into a cuckold. He's going to have to learn to clean her lovers cum out of her he might as well start with learning to eat his own cum! This vid has a great storyline with a CUCKOLDING theme as well as a sexy latex gloved handjob with humiliating CUM EATING at the end.
Length: 11 minutes

Interactive Milking

mp4 223.15 MB

This is a guided, interactive masturbation instruction using a real cock as a prop. LATEX GLOVES!
Length: 7 minutes

Duo Glove S*** and Milking 2

wmv 275.96 MB

This first "Duo Glove Smother and Milking" was one of my best sellers so we decided to do another one. It's time for my slaves monthly milking. I don't want him to enjoy it too much so Samantha smothers him, keeping him on the edge of passing out while I stroke his rock hard cock with my leather gloves. He takes too long to cum so I punish him by continuing to stroke his sensitive cock after he comes while he freaks out and we laugh at his suffering.
Length: 8 minutes