Goddess Party 2017: Kink Extravaganza

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This is a very special vid. It combines a few of the hottest scenes of the last Goddess Party. Hot Encouraged Bi action, Strap-On AND the cum collection game (the slaves all raced to cum as quickly as possible, ejaculating into a glass...the last one, the loser, gets a cum facial with all the others jizz!)

Multiple Dominant women all using sub males for their kinky amusement. This is a must-have for any kinksters collection, especially lovers of CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male), public play/exhibitionism, women making guys suck dick, party scenario's...this is unique/rare stuff.

Party attended by: Samantha Mack (, Miss Jasmine (, Evilyn 13 ( & Skylar Heart (

Length: 20 minutes


Whore In Training

mp4 351.93 MB

This little whore gets his ass stretched while getting milked 3 times into his own face/mouth! He may not ejaculate big loads every time but there is no doubt he orgasms 3 times...& I keep pounding his ass with that huge plug even after he's cum so much.

Length: 12 minutes


mp4 281.16 MB

Well, thought that you could escape me? Wrong. I have you now & I will do whatever I want with you.
Length: 10 minutes

Latex Glove Mind Fuck

mp4 368.49 MB

This is a custom vid, no name mentioned. A JOI vid featuring lots of yummy views of my sexy opera length latex gloves.
Length: 12 minutes

Aggressively Milked

mp4 208.48 MB

This is a faster-paced FEMDOM cock milking with latex gloves & bare hand...bondage & face sitting. I encourage you along too, drawing you into the action, controlling you, making you jerk for me.
Length: 7 minutes

Purple Rubber Glove HJ

mp4 379.24 MB

A sensual hand job with sexy purple, opera length rubber/latex gloves...a nice BIG cock & an epic cum shot!
Length: 13 minutes

Blue Rubber Glove Milking

mp4 254.21 MB

"Jesus H Christ, is that a hot naked vixen wearing sexy latex gloves jerking a huge cock in a sensually Dominant way?" Yup. *smile*
Length: 8 minutes

Latex Goddess Cum Countdown

mp4 180.04 MB

Do you love a Goddess encased in latex/rubber? You'll get plenty of eye candy & a long, sensual countdown from 20...
Length: 6 minutes

Mesmerized By Latex

mp4 441.3 MB

I decide to test out my new adult Vegas show on you. I put you into a very deep, relaxed state, susceptible to are mesmerized by my rubber dress & my latex clad hips & ass sway you go deeper as I guide you in a sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. I tell you that you can cum on one condition...but won't tell you that condition until after you've ejaculated. It's an erotic mind fuck & you'll do anything to cum...
Length: 15 minutes

Cum For Latex Gloves

mp4 277.36 MB

If you love latex gloves & you need to cum this is the JERK OFF INSTRUCTION vid for you! As you can see...I'm wearing black latex opera length gloves...I guide you in a sensual masturbation instruction with a countdown telling you that if you fail to cum on command I'll finish you off with these gloves without lube, which would actually be very uncomfortable. You wouldn't want that so just cum when I get to one. 10....9....8...7...
Length: 10 minutes