Medical Clinic Ejaculation Test

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The good Doctor will give you a thorough examination to ensure everything is working properly...if you pass this test you might even have an opportunity to be a part of an enticing clinical trial involving more in depth interaction with your sexy Doc. ~~~ Features: Professional, conservative demeanor & proper medical terms rather than slang. Latex gloves & an impressive ejaculation.
Length: 15 minutes

Medical Exam Extraction

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A proper, full medical exam includes testing sexual function. Penile responsiveness, consistency of erection, length of time to ejaculation & amount of ejaculate. A series of questions are also asked of the patient, including masturbation habits, sexual fantasies, etc. Tone of the examination: professional & conservative with proper medical terms rather than slang (penis instead of cock, etc.) with dark navy blue/purple latex medical gloves.
Length: 13 minutes

Sexual Function Medical Exam

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A young man comes to a doctor for an exam. She asks questions about his sexual health, his masturbation habits, his ejaculations, etc. A prostate exam is done. An ejaculation must produced and the good doctor administers the procedure. (This is a conservative medical themed hand job video using professional medical "penis" & "ejaculation" & latex medical gloves.)
Length: 14 minutes

Medical Test (Hand Job)

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Women want virile men with large cocks who can get hard, stay hard & ejaculate on command. I conduct medical tests to assess the virility of men, to see if they're worthy...
Length: 6 minutes

Secret SizeQueen Therapist

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The storyline is a bit complex so before I explain I'll give you the short version: This is a SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION vid with MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT.... Now the long version: I am the only one speaking in this vid. I carry on a conversation as if you're asking me questions. You come to a therapist to talk about your small penis issues. I assure you that size doesn't matter to most women. I tell you all the usual lies: "it's not the size of the wave, it's the motion in the ocean", etc. You ask me what my personal preference is and I say it's unprofessional for me to say. You start to fixate on the idea that I prefer big cocks and when we meet again the following week (that's why you see me wearing a different outfit, it's 2 different days) you pressure me further to tell you my preference. I end up getting you to show me your penis so I can see what we're dealing with...then I get you to make it erect for me so I can see it's full size: it is on the small side for sure. Eventually I can't help but make fun of you while finally confessing how much I prefer big cocks...I go into graphic detail and get pretty hot while encouraging you to jerk off while I make fun of you...This is a fantastic, intelligent, complex, realistic small penis humiliation at a GREAT PRICE. If you liked 'Too Small' you'll like this. The same custom buyer requested this one. Search 'SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION' above to find it and other similar vids!
Length: 17 minutes

Bad Therapist-Part 1

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Storyline: I'm a therapist with a reputation for alternative methods of therapy. This poor sap has come to me with self esteem issues & an obsession for younger, hotter women who are way out of his league. I tell him that to deal with his issues we need to go role-play the rejection he's getting in the real world but with even more intensity. CRUEL TEASE & DENIAL. Cutting verbals & juicy wet visuals as I fuck a dildo attached to his face... (Part 2 is a short, separate scene where I make him jerk off on my boots & lick his cum up while spitting on him and degrading him. Although the storyline is the same part 1 & 2 are very different scenes.)
Length: 10 minutes