Belt Around Your Neck

mp4 292.88 MB

INTERACTIVE vid alert! I expect you to participate in this one my obedient, kinky, thrill-seeker. Are you feeling daring enough to do as you're instructed? All you need is a belt (a neck tie or rope could work in a pinch) and your hand on your dick. Easy!
Length: 10 minutes

Erotic Assassins: Final Fuck

mp4 352.72 MB

They don't call me the EROTIC assassin for nothing. My victim finds himself immobilized & unable to scream...yet highly aroused. I use him for my pleasure and get my trophy (sperm sample) before sitting on his face and taking his breath away....all of his breath.
Length: 12 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Hand-Over-Mouth

mp4 342.99 MB

Your number's up pal...and there's no use fighting it. None of my victims ever live to tell the tale. It's not all grim though, you do get to have one last orgasm! Your sperm sample is my trophy. I love to see the fear in your eyes as I take turns smothering you with my leather gloved hand and gorgeous, full ass. Your arousal getting the best of you...you really can't resist. NOTE: This clip ends with HAND-OVER-MOUTH. A nearly identical clip was previously released with a different ending: Ass Smother. You choose which you prefer but I don't recommend both as they are so similar.
Length: 12 minutes

Hospital Heart Stopper

mp4 347.29 MB

"My dear husband...the doctors say that your weak heart can't take any excitement...but I've just come from the lawyers and I know that you've left me everything in your will...not to mention your life insurance policy...so I thought now would be a good time to tell you about the affair I've been having with your best friend. I'll strip down to better explain in detail the great sex I've been having with him...his cock is so much bigger than yours...oh, you don't look so well, your heart rate shouldn't be so dangerously high..."
Length: 12 minutes

Evil Nurses Medical Uncare

mp4 259.1 MB

You awake groggily in the hospital to see the hot nurse who flirted with you earlier. It seems like a dream. She teases you...says an orgasm is Doctors orders...strips off her moist panties for you to sniff & while she strokes your cock...oh, just a little paperwork to sign first? Hell, you'd sign anything right now, you're half out of it and more turned on than you ever remember...you get to cum on her panties while looking at that incredible ass & pussy....it's soooo HOT! Then her demeanor changes as she informs you that you've signed everything over to her in the event you don't make it out of the hospital. Your cum is the last thing you taste as she stuffs her panties into your mouth and presses her latex gloved hands over your nose & mouth to completely take your breath away...it's lights out for you sucker...
Length: 9 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Fatal Web Cam Show

mp4 306.29 MB

You've accepted my invitation to watch a special web cam show. This includes a new sex toy which has been mailed to you. It's like a pocket pussy/rubber sleeve/fleshlight (so if you have one of these use it for this vid). I have a remote that controls your sex toy and it feels amazing, just like my pussy would, but even better. I tease you with my boots, feet & body, encouraging your little masturbation session until you are right at the edge of orgasm...that's when I break the news that when you ejaculate you will be electrocuted! This will be your last orgasm and you are already too far gone to stop it! As the dozens of web cam viewers start dropping off I become aroused at the efficiency of my new device of destruction, I cum, d.r.u.n.k on power, laughing at the humiliating way you all are meeting your end! Weak, weak men, controlled by your dicks!
Length: 10 minutes

Erotic Assassins: Breast Smother

mp4 259.72 MB

After a kiss that left you incapacitated you awake to see two beautiful Assassins ready to have their fun with you. We always take a trophy of cum from our victims. While Domina Snow smothers you in her breath-taking cleavage, I milk my trophy from your horny cock. It's a helleva way to go! Featuring: Domina Snow
Length: 9 minutes

Between Powerful Thighs

mp4 157.36 MB

Locked between my powerful thighs, he has no hope of survival...
Length: 5 minutes

Man Meats Last Orgasm

mp4 357.96 MB

Custom request: You are tied to a chair. I'm fresh out of the shower, towel in my hair, rubbing lotion all over my body. I'm telling you that I've decided to serve YOU as the main course for my guests tonight...but if you can resist getting an erection I'll consider using one of the other slaves instead. I tease you a little & of course you can't hide your arousal. I decide to stroke you off one last time as I put a plastic bag over your head...
Length: 12 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Fatal Scent

mp4 250.29 MB

Yet another killlller adventure in the Erotic Assassin series! (Search keyword 'assassin' above to find more from this series). You're shocked to find such an alluring vixen in your bedroom: your wildest dream come true? No, more likely your worst nightmare. You know you should run but something is drawing you closer...you can't seem to resist her charms...you become so entranced by her velvety voice & breathtaking beauty that when she explains that her specially formulated perfume is slowly paralyzing you, you don't even want to run. By the time she's smothering you under that gorgeous ass and you're approaching the last orgasm of your life...you're completely helpless...
Length: 9 minutes