mind fuck

MILF Takes Control Mom/Son

mp4 430.49 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. I'm unhappy with the way you treat women. You cheat & you aren't respectful, etc. This isn't how I raised you! So I'm going to put an end to it. I'm going to tease you so much that you can only ever get hard/cum for me, when I give you permission. I tease you with my ass, my tits and my incredible mouth. I give multiple cum countdowns. I'll have you wrapped around my pinky, under my complete control & you won't be a nuisance to other women anymore.

Length: 15 minutes


Therapist Cuckolding Brainwashing

mp4 265.09 MB

Your wife has asked you to see a special couples counselor/relationship therapist to help you save your marriage. Your wife wants to fuck black men. She wants you to be okay with this, even turned on by it. She wants to cuckold you. This therapy session will help you to adjust to this new reality as your arousal is controlled by the therapist as you watch a home movie of your wife fucking a black bull..

Length: 9 minutes

Feel My Power

mp4 445.46 MB

This is a very intimate, intense, sensual & powerful jerk-off-instructional...with cum countdown & seductive mind-fucking. You want to be controlled. You want to follow my instructions. This will deepen your obsession & devotion to me. I will draw you in...you'll feel like it's my hand on your cock as my grip on you tightens. You'll feel me dragging the cum out of your balls, taking you to new heights...& depths...
Length: 17 minutes

Intox JOI Drinking Game

mp4 611.48 MB

You love to drink, jerk off & take orders from me...so let's have some sexy fun together! Follow along with my clear instructions to stroke & drink as I tease you & fuck with your increasingly pliable mind. This is so highly interactive that you'll feel like I'm right there with you...& that's your ultimate fantasy, isn't it?
Length: 22 minutes

Boot Fetish Slippery Slope

mp4 274.08 MB

Whether you love boots or you're already deeper under my spell...this is a sexy FemDom milking vid. Watching me manipulate that big cock...having me tease you & guide your jerk off session...you love being under my control.
Length: 9 minutes

Cuck Hubby Conditioning

mp4 449.32 MB

Your wife has sent you to a special clinic to help with your marriage. You're not sure what to expect but the therapist/nurse is pretty hot. You soon learn that your wife intends to turn you into her cuckold! This session is to warm you up to the idea. It's all actually pretty exciting...the therapist seductively describes scenarios where your wife is getting pleasured by other men, men with bigger cocks, black men, multiple men...while stroking you with those skilled gloved hands. Before you know it you are so turned on you blow your load thinking about your cheating wife cuckolding you...you're fucked now!
Length: 15 minutes

Powerfully Sensual Cum Control

mp4 317.26 MB

A sexy fetish hand job by a Goddess in control.
Length: 12 minutes

Cuckolding Entrancement With Domina Snow

mp4 500.28 MB

Alexandra Snow is world renowned for her entrancement skills. Together we make a powerful team in turning even the most reluctant fella into a cuckold. You are powerless to resist. (Click to go to Domina Snow's c4s store)
Length: 17 minutes

Therapist Prepares You For Cuckolding

mp4 459.9 MB

Your new place in life is as a cuckold. This is a big challenging for you but a special, skilled therapist can help you to find comfort in this role. Manually manipulating your penis with latex gloved hands the therapist's velvety voice describes your wife getting fucked by another man & ensures that you find it arousing. A bit of mind fucking & you'll be the best cuckold a hotwife could ever want.
Length: 15 minutes

Cock Controlled By Me

mp4 415.53 MB

Custom vid for Chris (name used throughout). I deepen your addiction to me, brainwashing you, mind fucking you. From your knees you follow my instructions on how to stroke, fast, slow, teasing, edging, stopping & only cumming when I give you permission after a countdown. I use my dirty panties to really fuck with your weak mind...
Length: 14 minutes