Sniff Me - Part 1

mp4 131.17 MB

My scent is addicting. Feminine, musky, sexual. This slave needs to learn to keep his tongue in his mouth...I realize how hard it is, the urge to taste me can be I duct tape his mouth and force him to breath me in...the 1st part focuses on my foot and underarm scent. Let the brainwashing begin!
Length: 4 minutes

Sneakers Socks & Panties

mp4 203.27 MB

Masturbation instruction with sneakers, socks, panties and feet!
Length: 7 minutes

Dirty Sock Pervert

wmv 141.81 MB

If you have a weakness for dirty, sweaty socks you'll love this vid. My adorable size 4 feet and my nasty, damp sweat socks. Sniff, lick and stroke!
Length: 4 minutes

Your School Girl Addiction

wmv 268.02 MB

If you like school girls, little plaid skirts, while blouses, little white socks and that bratty'll love this.
Length: 7 minutes