Latex Nurse Treatment

wmv 188.56 MB

Here's you're dosage of LATEX + NURSE/MEDICAL without the handjob. If you prefer your jerk off material just POV style, this should cure your ache. Be a good boy and give your sperm sample to the naughty nurse. (Features lubing up/polishing my latex covered gorgeous ass with a rubber glove while instructing you to jerk off for me.)
Length: 5 minutes

Fart POV

wmv 160.86 MB

Farting. Point-Of-View. Ass Sniffing. Ass Smelling. Face Sitting. Panty Fetish. Goddess Worship. My-ass-your-face.
Length: 4 minutes

Office Punishment

wmv 333.15 MB

This was a special request from awhile ago: you are the only guy working in an all female law firm who gets caught downloading porn on the company computer / on company time. Female boss has a fetish for making/watching men jerk off so makes him strip and jerk off in her office to save his job. In this EXCELLENT interactive masturbation instruction clip you play the part of my employee who is in big trouble. Follow my instructions to save your job. This clip includes light humiliation/degradation...done in a very powerful, erotic way. If you are not into verbal degradation you will like this clip. If you ARE into degradation you should try this clip as the style is subtle and very 'real life', not the usual FemDomme lingo.
Length: 9 minutes

Giantess Cuckolding

wmv 396.06 MB

As my cuckold, it's your job to prepare my pussy before my boyfriend comes over to fuck me. The one thing you were actually good at was licking pussy. But you're jealous and being sulky so you don't do a good job. I get angry and to remind you where your place is I shrink you down to the same size as your worthless cock. From that place I make you watch my giant boyfriend fuck me with his giant cock. You feel so insignificant. Even more than you usually do. When he pulls his cock out of my pussy you get directly hit with a huge splooge of cum & pussy juice! You're then required to lick us both clean before I'll even consider turning you back to regular size.
Length: 11 minutes

P POV Double Feature

wmv 222.14 MB

The only thing better than one of my super close P POV clips is TWO together! The first one is more focused on having you suck my P from my pantyhose after your golden shower. The second includes the closest, clearest shots I've ever done. I even press my wet pussy against the lense as I smear my P all over your face and encourage you to lick up every drop...Great verbals and a long spitting scene as well.
Length: 6 minutes

Pink-A-Licious Ass Worship

wmv 149.66 MB

Get down on your knees and jerk off to this Pink Princess. Great camera angles and that juicy round ass poured into skin tight pink tights...super close POV ass and pussy shots for you to worship.
Length: 4 minutes

MILF Boys Big Night

wmv 312.79 MB

For all my special adult MILF Boys and '' fans. I love you very much. I've spent years training you on how to serve the female race. Since you have a babydick I've taught you how to use your mouth with a chin harness dildo and a penis extender dildo. You've had lots of practice with and tonight is your big night. 's pretty lady friends are waiting for you in the living room and you're about to go out there and spend the evening serving them and satisfying them like has taught you to do. You're a little nervous and excited so I recap a few key things and let you masturbate to settle your nerves. I encourage you to cum on 's pretty toes because I know it's one of your favorite things to do, then lick up all of your candy. You're MILF's special boy and I know you're going to make me proud. I'll be right there watching and being supportive so there's nothing to worry about. Let's go...
Length: 9 minutes

Jerk It For Me

wmv 258.35 MB

This is a very sensual masturbation instruction clip. I'm fresh out of the shower after having been fucked well by another man...you can see how pink and swollen my pussy is. I'm not done though, I want another orgasm and you're going to give it to me with your mouth while you jerk off for me. It pleases me to see the power I have over you and your orgasm belongs to me. With great POV angles you'll feel like you're kneeing between my legs serving me in the most intimate way...
Length: 7 minutes

Locked In Our Toilet

wmv 204.23 MB

You begged and you pleaded to be my toilet slave so you finally got your wish! Just to make sure you don't change your mind though I've LOCKED you into a special toilet and you can not escape. You will have to accept everything Ariel & I give you. If you don't swallow fast, you'll drown, leaving you no choice. (This clip provides some incredible close-ups.)
Length: 6 minutes

Mean Landladies POV

wmv 338.78 MB

This is similar to the very popular clip "Mean Landladies" but we did this one for the guys who prefer to not see another dude in the clip. This is just us, POV style talking to you, telling you what you're going to have to do to get this apartment. Masturbation instruction, cum eating instruction, small penis humiliation, humiliation, domination, shoe/boot worship and ass worship. Mistress Ariel is gorgeous and sassy as always in this clip.