Firm But Fair MILF

mp4 467.09 MB

***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** action-packed clip covering many fetishes. MILF dearest is dishing out the punishment as she has discovered her boy looking at gay pornography again. She's strict but loving in explaining that he must learn to be straight, for her and for God. She disciplines and sensually seduces him to show him that a woman can turn him on too. He ends up lovingly nuzzling sexy MILF as she wanks him with her leather gloved hand....a dynamite, dirty vid that the whole Fam will love!
Length: 16 minutes

My Boy Won't Be Gay

mp4 401.57 MB

To ensure her boy doesn't grow up to be a homosexual, a strict, church-going "MILF" takes matters into her own hands. A little bit of disciplinary spanking puts her boy in his place before she shows him how good it can feel to cum by a woman's hand.
Length: 13 minutes

MILF's Boy: In Good Hands (MILF/boy)

mp4 286.43 MB

Junior has been misbehaving at school. M decides he's not too old to spank but then gets a better idea when he seems humiliated to be half naked in front of her. She realizes that at his age there are better ways to get a boy to mind his M. She threatens him with chastity if he's bad but also shows him what his reward will be if he's good...she seduces him with her skilled, experienced hands...telling him that she can teach him everything about sexual pleasure & being a good lover...all he has to do is behave for Mmmmm...
Length: 10 minutes

Humiliated Sissy boy

mp4 171.76 MB

Sidonia & Amica join me to see my boy off to his first day of school as a GIRL. I've always wanted a daughter so I decide to dress him up in something pretty. Before his big day we decide to milk him so he won't get an embarrassing bulge under his skirt. Can you imagine, being dressed like that in front of MILF'S pretty friends, then exposed and jerked to release?! How humiliating! (See more of Sidonia Von Bork from The English Mansion here: The English Mansion ) ~~~ (See more of Amica Bentley here: KinkyDirtyBitch)
Length: 6 minutes

London Slave: Over My Knee

mp4 267.34 MB

Spanking + OTK + Bare-hand + Wooden Paddle + Finger fucked! All while his penis is held firmly between my thighs. How humiliating!
Length: 9 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 2

wmv 387.37 MB

More of the Goddess Party filmed from my point of view. See what I saw. Experience the party right along with me. This unique clip includes a few sub titles that give you a little more info on what you're seeing and/or what I'm thinking while filming. You can hear my voice too. During most of this clip there is a slave worshiping my boots, trying to not look up my skirt...I'm wearing crotchless pantyhose and I enjoy teasing and tormenting him with my close, yet so far...
Length: 11 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 4

wmv 390.76 MB

The Goddess Party continues...this clip contains a variety of themes (remember, the parties are unscripted and the ladies just do what they feel like!) A big TRAMPLING scene with multiple ladies and a little FACE STANDING....BARE-HANDED SPANKING...a hot CORPORAL/CANING scene with Jasmine and lots of PUBLIC PLAY for EXHIBITIONIST lovers.
Length: 11 minutes

Trade Spanking For Ballbusting

wmv 268.69 MB

So, you want to give me a hard time for not ironing my uniform? Ha! You pervert, you're just looking for an excuse to give me a spanking. I'm not that stupid. I don't mind a little slap on the ass actually, I'm not so innocent but if you get what you want then I get what I want. For each slap on my perfect round ass I get to kick you in the nuts! Tit for tat. So go ahead and enjoy spanking me perv, cuz you're going to be in a world of hurt when it's my turn.
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 4 Part 3 - Public Spanking

wmv 234.18 MB

Few things are more humiliating or more thrilling for humiliation junkies than a PUBLIC SPANKING. I mean really: think about it. How would you feel naked, over the knee of a sexy women you just met getting spanked and paddled as other slaves and Goddess look on, make comments and even join in...then another slave is encouraged to kiss your ass cheeks better?! What kind of party is this anyway? The best kind! A party for the pleasure and amusement of Goddess's.
Length: 6 minutes

Public Play At The Taboo Sex Show

wmv 237.51 MB

This is one of 6 clips filmed at the recent Sex Show (trade show for adult products and services). This scene was filmed in the public dungeon area. In front of an audience we spanked, paddled and played with this sub boy. He worshiped my boots, kissed my ass and was used as human furniture. This was a highly erotic, intense public scene with light humiliation.
Length: 6 minutes