Morning Panty Sniffing

mp4 224.15 MB

Mmmmmm.... *stretch* Good morning.

I know how much you love our intimate quiet time in the morning. How you love to sniff my crotch and ass after I've been sleeping in these panties all night. You love my personal aroma. It's your favorite thing in the whole world. So go ahead, nuzzle your nose right in there & breath deeply...

Length: 11 minutes

Scent Fetish Mind Fuck

mp4 387.21 MB

I control you with my scent. It's all a part of the mind fucking. I make you worship my armpits, feet, ass & pussy...sitting on your face, you have no choice but to inhale my's so intimate...

Length: 13 minutes

Asshole Sniff Reward

mp4 253.53 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You've been doing really well in school lately & I decide you deserve a reward. You walk in on me changing & I see the way you look at me so decide now is a good time to give you the reward. I tell you that I know you've been jerking off smelling my dirty panties from the laundry so I figure if you're that curious you'd like to smell me, right from the source. I encourage you to masturbate while sniffing my asshole. It's so naughty which makes it even more thrilling...
Length: 9 minutes

Pantyhose Sniffer 2

wmv 287.41 MB

I had no idea there were so many pantyhose sniffing perverts out there..but the sales from the first "Pantyhose Sniffer" indicated otherwise. So I made another one, even better than the first one. Enjoy sniffers!
Length: 8 minutes

Worship Stubbly Smelly Armpits

wmv 167.42 MB

Does the natural scent of a woman drive you mad? That strong, musky, feminine fragrance...and armpit stubble too: divine. Don't just sit there's sniffing and drooling, get licking...
Length: 5 minutes