Mattress Uncle

wmv 363.4 MB

This is a great cuckolding vid. Very unique. Princess is snotty, bossy and playful. You get some chin dildo riding, some great fucking using 'uncle' as the mattress: how humiliating! Another fantastic finish as Princess jerks the big cock and giggles and squeals with delight when he cums all over the mattress. She talks directly to you, the voyeur when she scoops up the cum and feeds it to her perverted cuckold uncle. What a bitch! (Oh, some degrading spitting too!)
Length: 9 minutes

Gimp Night Part 2

wmv 161 MB

It's gimp's feeding time! Open wide and receive what I give you: partially chewed up food directly from my mouth. Extreme spitting and humiliation. Hear my lover and I laughing at him. Gross.
Length: 4 minutes

Cruel Cock Tease Part 3

wmv 467.33 MB

Honestly, one of the best clips I've ever produced...The dork I picked up in the first part of this series begged to see me again?! He said he couldn't get me off his mind and he would do anything if I would fuck him. ANYTHING? So I tease him while giving my boyfriend head, letting him get a good look, telling him to imagine it's his cock...then some hot fucking...all the while leading him on, making him think I'll fuck him if he agrees to do whatever I want. Eventually I convince him to let my boyfriend cum on his face...then I fuck him! In the ASS with a WINE BOTTLE!!! When he complains too much that it's not what he meant when he said he wanted me to 'fuck him' I slap him over and over again (real slapping, the guy actually broke. This will be the last face slapping scene you'll ever see him in. He's not really a 'slave' he's a normal guy who has a crush on me in real life.)
Length: 13 minutes

Bitch Babysitter Part 1

wmv 512.24 MB

The first in the 6 part 'Bitch Babysitter' series. Many of you little perverts discovered your kinks before you hit puberty. You probably had a crush on your babysitter. Relive your early days as 'Little Johnny' whoes sexy but cruel babysitter BLACKMAILS and manipulates him into doing whatever she says.
Length: 10 minutes

Bitch Babysitter Part 2

wmv 381.63 MB

SNOWBALLING! Gross! Poor 'Little Johnny' thought his hot babysitter was going to fuck him: Ha! With that tiny weenie? Retard. Instead she uses him as a mattress while she fucks her boyfriend who has a REAL grown-up cock. There's a detailed penis COMPARISON to prove how useless Little Johnny is. She continues her cruel torture by spitting a mouthful of a real man's cum into Little Johnny's pried-open mouth. (You see clearly the cum shoot into her mouth and then see it pour out into Johnny's mouth, then lots of spitting. The disgusted look on both of their faces and gagging leaves no doubt that this is 100% real.)
Length: 11 minutes

Trash Bin Mouthed Spittoon

wmv 198.89 MB

At the end of this real fan's dream weekend with me we talk in detail about all the things I've used his mouth for...while I use him as a spittoon and spit chewed up strawberries and blueberries into his mouth and on his face. You may recall his dream was to be my toilet, foot slave and cuckold...
Length: 5 minutes

Goober Spit Facial

wmv 131 MB

Attention Spittoons! Open wide and catch as much as you can from these 3 Goddess's. What misses your mouth we smear into your face at the end while laughing at how much of a loser you are. Does it get any more humiliating and degrading than this?

Goddess Party Part 5

wmv 324.16 MB

Ha ha! I've got you hooked now! You don't know how many parts there are to the Goddess Party series but you keep downloading them and they keep getting crazier. I know you need more! It's your new addiction. This clip features a game of 'rock, paper, scissors' where the loser is supposed to get a facial of cum from another jerking off slave. Lots of spitting, laughter and humiliation. A super dirty scene including girl-on-girl pussy and ass licking...oh, who cares about the details. As I said, this party just kept getting rowdier so download this clip. You won't regret it, I promise.