Ballbusted Slapped Facesat & Beaten

mp4 235.41 MB

If you like the rough stuff, seeing a slave being abused, etc. you'll enjoy this. To make it even hotter, this vid was filmed by Ceara Lynch (she waves & teases you with her sexy mouth in the mirror a couple of times). Ceara & I had a lot of fun abusing & humiliating this real life fan. (NOTE: The pain was real...especially at the end when he's being punished for fucking up & he's begging me not to beat him with the crop & cane. He did not ask for it or want it. He buckles & goes down several times not being able to handle the pain...while Ceara & I laugh at him.) (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch)
Length: 8 minutes

Bitch Babysitter Part 1

wmv 512.24 MB

The first in the 6 part 'Bitch Babysitter' series. Many of you little perverts discovered your kinks before you hit puberty. You probably had a crush on your babysitter. Relive your early days as 'Little Johnny' whoes sexy but cruel babysitter BLACKMAILS and manipulates him into doing whatever she says.
Length: 10 minutes

Slapping The Truth Out

wmv 103.71 MB

This video ONLY contains very real, harsh, cruel slapping and bitchy verbal humiliation/interrogation. It is not sensual or sweet. Unless you are really into slapping, this clip is not for you. (Plot: Mistress discovers her slave has lied to her and she slaps the truth out of him.)