Fetish For Stockings

mp4 325.94 MB

Sensual Domination. Do you love legs & feet encased in pantyhose/stockings/nylons?...Do you like the way that feels on your cock? If so, you'll love this erotic fetish vid which also covers: footjobs, handjobs, legjobs & thigh fucking.
Length: 11 minutes

Blooper Shoot - Just The End

mp4 70.27 MB

This is just the last 2 minutes of the vid I released yesterday. It contains the cum shot & verbal humiliation. Read all about the shoot that didn't go so well here:
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Length: 2 minutes

Blooper Shoot Full Length

mp4 769.47 MB

I recently wrote a blog entry about a filmed session that didn't go so well. I wasn't sure what to do with the footage but it ended up being an interesting vid anyway...this full length version includes all the awkward exchanges between the real-life fan & I. I'll call him a fan because he was hardly a film slave. I like to use real fans instead of professional performers for authenticity...but sometimes they don't work out very well...if you're interested in seeing something more REAL & RAW than usual, you'll love this. (Click to go to my public wordpress blog:
Length: 26 minutes

Bitch Boss Makes You Worship Shoes and Feet

mp4 260.36 MB

You're made to worship the sexy shoes & pantyhose covered feet of your cruel, demanding boss! Bitchy boss humiliates you & manipulates you into jerking off at her feet to keep your job.
Length: 9 minutes

Storytime At My Feet

mp4 155.44 MB

What would it be like to serve me in real life? There would be quiet, intimate times when you would kneel on the floor and lovingly sniff, kiss & massage my feet. This is one of those nicer moments, when you've been a good boy & have earned some reward. I read you an erotic story and then instruct you to masturbate while worshiping my feet. Your adoration and devotion deepens...
Length: 5 minutes

Bitch Boss Controls You

mp4 94.58 MB

If you fantasize about your sexy, FemDom boss giving you orders and treating you like a slug you like this...if you're into feet, nylons/pantyhose/boots/leather/foot sniffing/scent fetish...even better.
Length: 11 minutes

MILF Uses boy For Her Pleasure

mp4 537.18 MB

This is a very special vid (at a very special price!) for all my MILF's boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I'm training my boy to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our boy! Filthy dirty Fam fantasy! ~~~ On another note, if you haven't checked out my blog, you really should...:
Length: 18 minutes