MILFs Kissing Lesson

mp4 475.48 MB

This is highly recommended for MILF;s Boys (obviously) but also for MOUTH/TONGUE/LIP fetishists. There is a little foot play and full body views...but the main theme is KISSING instruction with MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. The sexy mouth close-ups are amazing.
Length: 16 minutes

Boob Smother Ending

mp4 219.08 MB

Your obsession for women's cleavage just might be the end of you...

Length: 11 minutes

MILF's Good Boy JOI

mp4 286.38 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned...unless your name is "good boy" because I say that a lot. This is a sweet, loving masturbation encouragement with lots of cleavage views. Great if you're a 'boob man' but also a generous amount of ass views in that pretty nude pantyhose. Includes a long, slow, teasing countdown.

Also includes encouragement to finger your own asshole & encouragement to "inhale" a substance that helps relax your anus for insertion, enhance sexual pleasure & give you a 'head rush' or 'high'. If you're into that sort of thing the common name for it should POP into your head:-)

Length: 10 minutes


Cleavage Weakness

mp4 248.2 MB

The amazing & busty Domina Alexandra Snow joins me to completely fuck your weak mind with this seductive jerk off instruction. Will you last until the end??? (Click to go to Domina Snow's c4s store)xxx (Click to go to my blog post with a behind-the-scenes vid with Alexandra Snow & Sidonia von Bork)
Length: 8 minutes

Boss Boob Addiction

mp4 254.13 MB

You can't stop staring at my cleavage at work. You're obsessed. Before firing you I decide to give you one more chance. I tease you with my breasts & make you jerk off in front of me, both humiliating you & hopefully satisfying your curiosity about my boobs so you can focus on your work. (Custom vid, no name mentioned).
Length: 10 minutes

Jerk For Me Slowly

mp4 294.88 MB

This is a custom vid for 'John' & I say his name a few times...but anyone can enjoy this sexy MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION as I sensually Dominate you & direct you to stroke yourself slowly while gazing at my beautiful face & body...especially my cleavage, legs & ass. It will feel very intimate. With lots of eye contact you'll feel like I'm right there, close enough to touch...
Length: 10 minutes

Bedtime Jerk Off For MILF's Friend

mp4 240.38 MB

This is a sweet & sensual JERK OFF INSTRUCTION for my MILF's boy. Light teasing / humiliation. Let's get all those cummies out so you can relax & go to bed! (Click to go to Alexandra Snow's clips store)
Length: 8 minutes