Domme Pimps You To Men

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It's time for you to learn to suck cock & take it in the you can make me money! As my submissive slut you'll do whatever I order you to do. I know you'll do this for me, your Mistress, your Goddess, the one you are devoted to...but you're going to have to learn to do it right so you don't disappoint me. Practice on my monster cock while I encourage & instruct you. Suck it while finger fucking your asshole. Get that slut hole ready for a real cock. You're going to like this. You're going to learn to LOVE being a fag whore for me...
Length: 12 minutes

You Crave Me

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This is a custom vid & I use the name 'Josh' several times. If your name is Josh you'll fucking LOVE this vid. Chances are you'll love this vid no matter what your name is. It's sensual & sexy as fuck. There's a small part where I tell you to suck my strap on but it's mostly a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with lots of hot visuals. (Includes a count down & permission to cum.)
Length: 14 minutes

Domestic Bliss

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You are my younger newly wed husband and you need to learn how to serve your Goddess. Today's training covers several areas: ARMPIT WORSHIP (with stubble), HAIR BRUSHING, SPITTOON (with toothpaste spit), MAKE-UP and LIPSTICK application, FEMINIZATION, COCK SUCKING/DILDO/STRAP-ON SUCKING/ENCOURAGED BI.
Length: 11 minutes