body worship

You'll Never Fuck Me

mp4 237.85 MB

This is a very sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION scene with a bit of a cruel edge. The view is as if you are fucking's to really put you in the drivers seat, to give you a genuine feeling of being on top of me, fucking my sweet pussy...I tease you with my sexy body, my beautiful face & my velvety voice...I remind you that in reality you'll never really know how it feels to fuck me. I make you watch me cum, I challenge you to try to cum at the same time, imagining that you're serving me sexually. Includes a 100% REAL female orgasm.
Length: 8 minutes

You Crave Me

mp4 407.53 MB

This is a custom vid & I use the name 'Josh' several times. If your name is Josh you'll fucking LOVE this vid. Chances are you'll love this vid no matter what your name is. It's sensual & sexy as fuck. There's a small part where I tell you to suck my strap on but it's mostly a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with lots of hot visuals. (Includes a count down & permission to cum.)
Length: 14 minutes

Better Than Your Wife

mp4 444.98 MB

I'm better than your wife. You know it & I know it. You've already spent time comparing us & cataloging all the ways I'm superior: I'm more beautiful, sexier, I have a better figure, I have a dirtier mind, a saucier mouth...I'm more interesting, fascinating & you think about me more often than you think about her. In fact, you think about me when you're with her. All the time. Your orgasms are more powerful with me & no one has ever made you feel like I do. You're hooked, addicted & utterly mesmerized. You'll watch this, you'll need to. It's like I can read your thoughts. You'll cum for me, again...& have no choice.
Length: 15 minutes

Ass Worship Jerk Off

mp4 303.16 MB

Just you & me. A sexy jerk off instruction/masturbation encouragement with lots and lots of great ass shots.
Length: 10 minutes

Hump Your Furniture

mp4 218.8 MB

This INTERACTIVE JERK OFF INSTRUCTION is best enjoyed with a SOFA, chair or bed, something that you can squeeze your dick into (between mattress & box spring, between cushions on a sofa or chair). I demonstrate a couple of techniques as I encourage you to make an ass of yourself for hump inanimate objects (imagining it's MY pussy or ass) and cum in/on them for me!
Length: 7 minutes

A Slow Sensual Release

mp4 471.8 MB

Get comfortable and savor my softer side as I guide you in this sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. A naturally Dominant women doesn't always have to be strict. You'll happily find yourself seduced and wanting to do whatever I tell you to. You're addicted to me already anyway. My velvety beautiful killer body...heaven.
Length: 16 minutes

Sensual Tease & Denial

mp4 526.93 MB

How long do you think you could handle being teased & denied by me? This was the 18 minute climax from an all day tease & denial session. We went lingerie shopping & fetish clothing shopping all day in Paris. We shared glasses of wine & I flirted, keeping him hard and on edge all day. At the end of the night you'll see me fucking with his head and enjoying driving him crazy...
Length: 18 minutes

Reformed Pervert?

mp4 104.88 MB

You've been in rehabilitation for sex addiction and it's time for your parole interview. I will be assessing you to see if you are ready to enter regular society again. (NOTE: This vid is a mind-fuck vid where nearly subliminal images will slowly breakdown your willpower. Seeing me as a strict, professional, conservative, powerful woman who holds your future in my hands...but also as an incredibly lustful, nude sex vixen will do your head in.)
Length: 6 minutes