Tickle Bondage HJ

wmv 408.32 MB

This is a very personal video. I love to tickle my guy and he is very ticklish but doesn't enjoy it. He squirms and freaks out. We had a custom request to do a tickling handjob vid and I've been pestering him for months to do it. He finally gave in but I tied him to my medical table because I didn't think he could go through with it. This is REAL TICKLE TORTURE. We both laugh a lot and it's a casual, candid video. Lots of tickling and a nice cum shot (with MORE tickling after he cums!) I hope it sells well because I want to make more (he hopes no one buys it, ha ha).
Length: 11 minutes

Turtle Tease and Humiliation

wmv 307.49 MB

Variety is the spice of life and this clip contains A LOT of variety: spitting, foot worship, face sitting, tickling, small penis humiliation, with the overall theme of humiliation. I even get out a jar of actual gerkin pickles and compare to demonstrate how -tiny his nub is! This inexperienced little Chinese boy living in London wanted to be humiliated...he certainly got his wish! He's wearing a "Tea-nage Mutant Ninja Turtle" mask which was hilarious and why this series (there are more to come) is entitled "Turtle..." This is a very fun clip as I am genuinely amused at his willingness to do whatever I want. I tease him mercilessly and his little weenie is rock hard throughout. Too funny.
Length: 5 minutes

My Boyfriends Feet

wmv 171.68 MB

This is a fun clip we shot AFTER "Real Fans Humiliation". We talk about what just happened and about all the slaves who email wanting to be encouraged to worship my boyfriends feet. It's a very candid clip with some instruction and a lot of humiliation. In the process of showing you my boyfriends feet he starts to flinch and laugh..and it turns into a bit of a tickle clip...
Length: 5 minutes

Real Fans Humiliation

wmv 507.72 MB

I still can't even believe we did this. A real fan contacted me and volunteered to be a film slave. His desire was to eat the cream pie and he said he would even suck cock 'if' I encouraged him. I suspected he was really a closet homo who deep down just wanted to eat cum and maybe had a bit of a man-crush on my boyfriend. Throughout the clip you see the progression and how I taunt and tease him. It wasn't planned this way but this is what happened: I'm torturing the slave by sucking my boyfriends cock right in front of him, he's practically drooling as he finally confesses how badly he wants to suck it, my boyfriend cums partially in my mouth, which I spit into the slaves face, then rub the rest of the cum on MY BOYFRIENDS FEET (!!!) and make the slave lick it off! Not only is it incredibly humiliating this clip is also a gem for TICKLING fans! I grab the camera and catch my very ticklish boyfriend freaking out while the slaves tongue tickles his sensitive feet. The action continues as I make the slave jerk his tiny weenie while sucking even more cum off of my fingers as I intensely degrade and humiliate him even more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Length: 14 minutes

Goddess Party 3 Molesting The Bartender

wmv 231.12 MB

The poor 'vanilla' (non-kinky) bartender at the last Goddess party was tempting fresh meat for the ladies. He expressed a slight curiosity about face sitting and got more than he bargained for. Watch how 3, then 4 Goddess's work this poor boy over. Featuring sexy, playful teasing, tickling, face sitting and wrestling. (Hot women ganging up on one boy in bed...remind you of any games from your youth?)
Length: 6 minutes

Tickled And Teased Uncle

wmv 413.06 MB

It's a tease & denial / cock tease double header (with yesterday's 'Cock Tease Princess' - get them BOTH!). This time the cock tease brat tricks her uncle (who is showing her his Halloween costume) into letting her tie him up to the bed. Big mistake. She then tickles him and teases his cock and he's helpless to do anything about it! (BRAT GIRLS, INTER-Fam,, OLDER MAN/YOUNGER WOMAN, BONDAGE, TEASE & DENIAL, COCK TEASE, JEANS FETISH, TICKLING.)
Length: 11 minutes