French Slave Part 3

mp4 341.22 MB

This is the last part of the French Slave series. Lots of anal play. Strap-on, etc. This little slut takes it in different positions and ends up getting his little slut hole stretched out & filled. Extreme ass fucking...but done very sensually.
Length: 11 minutes

HJ For Twisted Freaks

mp4 274.11 MB

You so badly want to be used… As my sex slave, my toy, my cuckold, cock fluffer… What is your kink, you twisted freak? You wouldn't be here if you didn't have some dark, dirty, depraved secrets. You love it when I talk dirty to you. No one else talks to you the way I do. No one else sees you the way I do. I can't wait to watch you crying in shame after you shoot loads of cum in 10... 9... 8... we'll, you get it.

Length: 14 minutes

Cocksucking ATM Cum Eating Training

mp4 269.12 MB

ATM=Ass-To-Mouth, as in taking the strap-on cock out of his ass & making him suck it. That's just part of training to turn him into the whore I want him to be. He also has to learn to eat cum so I make him ejaculate on the strap-on dick & eat it off. He actually does a satisfactory job. He's a natural slut.
Length: 9 minutes

Use His Cum For Lube

mp4 232.03 MB

I start out making you compare your tiny dicklet to the nice sized cock I'm stroking. I humiliate you for being inadequate. Then, a few minutes into the clip he prematurely ejaculates so I continue to stroke his sensitive dick until I milk a 2nd cum shot out of him...I tell you to use his cum as lube to finger fuck your asshole & to finish yourself off.
Length: 8 minutes

Broken In Bi Spit Roast

mp4 274.24 MB

Part of my slave's training involves sucking his first REAL cock after getting warmed up on my strap on...& taking it in both ends...air tight, spit roasted with a real cock in his mouth & my HUGE strap-on stretching his asshole. ENCOURAGED BI/GAY COCKSUCKING.
Length: 9 minutes

Goddess Party 3 Violation and Service

wmv 261.26 MB

Can you imagine being bent over in front of a room full of strangers and violated, your ass spread open, fingers and ice cubes inserted? This slave got to experience that in the first part of this unique clip. The second part is mostly 2 slaves pleasuring a very sensually Dominant Goddess. Bonus foot worship scenes too!
Length: 7 minutes