Foot Parties

Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 2

wmv 387.37 MB

More of the Goddess Party filmed from my point of view. See what I saw. Experience the party right along with me. This unique clip includes a few sub titles that give you a little more info on what you're seeing and/or what I'm thinking while filming. You can hear my voice too. During most of this clip there is a slave worshiping my boots, trying to not look up my skirt...I'm wearing crotchless pantyhose and I enjoy teasing and tormenting him with my close, yet so far...
Length: 11 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 1

wmv 223.18 MB

This is the beginning of the evening and the 1st of MANY clips from the 5th Goddess Party in November 2010. 6 Goddess's, 6 slaves and hours of fun! The parties are candid & unscripted. I simply bring kinky women who love to be in control together with slaves who love to worship & serve. The scenes are not staged so you get to experience what it would really be like to serve real Goddess's in reality.
Length: 6 minutes

Goddess Party 3 Men Are Toys

wmv 337.65 MB

Revel in the party atmosphere of Goddess's using men as toys. Shoe and barefoot cock crushing, human furniture, teasing and torture. Lots of eye candy in this clip, especially for those who love legs, feet and sexy shoes.
Length: 9 minutes

Goddess Party 3 Violation and Service

wmv 261.26 MB

Can you imagine being bent over in front of a room full of strangers and violated, your ass spread open, fingers and ice cubes inserted? This slave got to experience that in the first part of this unique clip. The second part is mostly 2 slaves pleasuring a very sensually Dominant Goddess. Bonus foot worship scenes too!
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 2 Part 4

wmv 185.84 MB

This is the last bit from the last Goddess Party on March 28. This is original, not before seen footage from me or Club Stiletto. Mostly foot worship. You just can't find this kind of stuff anywhere else. Watch it and imagine that you are at the whim of a bevy of beautiful Goddess's...delightful, pedicured feet, sexy ass' as their toy: heaven.

Goddess Party 2 Part 3

wmv 190.71 MB

This clip contains various scenes throughout the night featuring mostly me, Mistress T. I took full advantage of the slaves at my disposal. Human furniture, ass worship, foot worship, toilet play, humiliation, pony play and lots of laughs. Watch how a real Bitch Princess parties.

Goddess Party 2 Part 2

wmv 247.78 MB

This clip is mostly gorgeous women in sexy shoes/boots walking and standing on slaves backs. Lots of laughs and fun as these ladies use slaves for their entertainment. It is the dream of many submissive and subservient men to serve a group of beautiful, Dominant women. Enjoy this clip and live vicariously through these lucky slaves. (Extreme trampling by: Bijou Steal, Mistress Ariel, T-Girl Mistress Z and other gorgeous Goddess's) The second Goddess Party was hosted by myself and Club Stiletto.

Goddess Party 2 Part 1

wmv 261.39 MB

This first clip, taken early in the evening contains foot worship, humiliation, human furniture and a few other treats. The ladies didn't have much of a warm up this time, they jump right into action bossing slaves around, ordering them to get them drinks, instructing them on foot worship, making them clean up spilled drinks with their mouth, humiliating them and laughing at them. You're going to love every part of the Goddess Party 2 series!

Goddess Party Part 1

wmv 222.44 MB

This is the first clip of MANY from my Goddess Party. This is the beginning of the night so things are fairly tame (it doesn't stay that way). Mostly foot worship and using slaves as human furniture. You won't want to miss a single part of this amazing series. Multiple gorgeous Goddess's, some experiencing submissive males for the first time! T-Girl Mistress Z is also on hand. (