ass fetish

Butthole Fetish

mp4 275.68 MB

This is a custom vid for 'Scotty' & I use his name several times. If you love assholes, rosebuds, chocolate starfish's or whatever you like to call it...this vid is for you. A sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION focused on my ass.
Length: 10 minutes

Red Latex Pants Make You Weak

mp4 269.68 MB

Maybe you're an ass man...maybe you're a latex/rubber fetishist or you just like shiny're probably a Mistress T fan & I bet you love for me to control your orgasm. It's time for you to cum for me: sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION!
Length: 9 minutes

Ass Worship Jerk Off

mp4 303.16 MB

Just you & me. A sexy jerk off instruction/masturbation encouragement with lots and lots of great ass shots.
Length: 10 minutes

Addicted To Crack

mp4 369.26 MB

A hot MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION for ASS WORSHIPERS. (Attention: Ass crack addicts!)
Length: 12 minute

Jerk It Virgin Dork

wmv 241.32 MB

This clip is for all of you virgin dorks out there who jerk off to porn all the time because you can't get a real woman.
Length: 2 minutes