Seduced Confession

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You can tell me your deepest secret... you can confess to me. It's safe. I promise not to laugh. I promise not to tell anyone. I understand... after all, I have a few kinks myself. Tell me what you are into... don't hold back. I want ALL of it. Doesn't it feel good to say it out loud? Doesn't it feel good to be heard, to be seen, to be known? So intimate, isn't it? It really turns you on... tell me more... I'll tease the tip of your cock with my pussy... tell me more... if you tell me everything - the absolute truth, I'll take you fully inside me... deep inside my wet pussy. Give it all to me.

Length: 13 minutes

FemDom Interrogation

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Bound naked by all four limbs AND your balls...kept hanging there...helpless & vulnerable. A sexy, sadistic interrogator who knows your weaknesses. Teasing you, stroking your cock, promising you a release you so desperately need & all you have to do is give her the information she wants. The cruelest interrogation. The biggest mind fuck. Teasing you with her body, stroking your horny cock with her leather gloved hand, tempting you...but you resist...even as she's wearing you become so desperate you'd be willing to do anything...

Length: 9 minutes

Prison Bitch Interrogation

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. You have been caught masturbating in front of a woman (non-consensual). Under the new legislation sex offenders are treated much more harshly. You are chained naked to a chair getting interrogated by a sexy, Dominant woman...& you're scared shi++less. You're going to prison for sure but she wants you to further confess to intending to the woman, which will mean life in prison instead of a few years for indecent exposure. She graphically describes what life will be like for a little white boy like you in prison. How you'll be sodomized repeatedly by the other prisoners & guards. How you'll be made to suck cock, lick man ass & be a toilet. She tells you that if you confess to the greater crime she'll put in a good word for you with the warden. You might get leniency, maybe your own cell so you get a break from the abuse. But if you continue to resist confessing on record the two mean, burly guards outside that door will come in & beat a confession out of you anyway. At the end she further twists the knife by stripping down & showing you her beautiful body, saying that you'll never know the warmth of a woman again, that you'll never touch or taste or smell a woman ever again. The only sex you'll have from now on is with men as their prison bitch...& this is what happens to sex offender creeps who disrespect, objectify & violate women.

Length: 15 minutes

Ass Worship Interrogation

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(Custom vid, no name mentioned). You have information we want. Rather than extracting it using violence I've investigated you & feel a softer technique will be more effective. I've discovered that you're a chronic masturbating porn addict who favors Dominant women & loves ass. I've restrained you so you can't touch your horny dick while I tease you, sensually stripping & talking about grinding my ass against your dick & making you cum. I'll get that information out of you...
Length: 14 minutes

Slapping The Truth Out

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This video ONLY contains very real, harsh, cruel slapping and bitchy verbal humiliation/interrogation. It is not sensual or sweet. Unless you are really into slapping, this clip is not for you. (Plot: Mistress discovers her slave has lied to her and she slaps the truth out of him.)