ass fetish

Addicted To Crack

mp4 369.26 MB

A hot MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION for ASS WORSHIPERS. (Attention: Ass crack addicts!)
Length: 12 minute

Toy For Giantess T

mp4 297.74 MB

Yes, I mean you. I can see you down there. You're going to be my little toy right now. This has always been your fantasy and now that it's come true you're scared as hell, aren't you? I'm so GIANT I take your breath away. You realize how vulnerable you are and how easily I could do you in. As if it wasn't already abundantly clear that I'm in full control I'll describe in detail all the ways I could utterly destroy you...
Length: 11 minutes

Jerk For jeans

mp4 142.32 MB

Do you like jeans? Do you like jerking off? Great! This is the masturbation instruction you've been looking for.
Length: 5 minutes

Your Disgusting Ass Obsession

mp4 385.83 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned: I humiliate & degrade you for your obsession with my ass. I permit you to jerk off while showing you my butt as another way to humiliate you. Throughout the video I clearly convey my disgust with you & your fetish. This is NOT a sensual tease vid, I don't think I smile even once. You will feel judged.

Length: 13 minutes

Hot Pants Chastity Tease

mp4 220.01 MB

I love teasing you when you're in chastity. It SO delights me to see you squirm. My ass drives you wild and so do I. Awww...are you getting horny already? Ha ha

Length: 7 minutes

Sweaty Yoga Pants Facesit

mp4 299.95 MB

How long do you think you would last with my gorgeous big ass on your face...sweaty & fragrant...while my hand teases your horny dick...

Length: 11 minutes

Virtual Ass Worship

mp4 219.61 MB

Settle in & look up at my breathtaking ass. Full, firm, makes you weak. I can control you with my powerful butt, just like a puppet, you'll do as I say. You want to bury your face in there, you want to taste me, you ache for it. Imagine me sitting on your face, feeling the weight of me pressing against you, my warmth, my intoxicating you think you're worthy?

Length: 9 minutes

My Powerful Butt Dominates

mp4 350.12 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You have a weakness for my butt. A full on ass addiction. You love the shape & you love how big it is. It's a powerful ass & it will pump hard while I fuck you with this huge strap-on. (Lots & lots of butt views & POV strap-on action with you laying on your back. Cum encouragement.)
Bonus footage at the end *wink*
Length: 10 minutes

Ball Abuse Ass Tease

mp4 301.19 MB

I love to see my slaves suffering...this slave nearly rips his balls right off just to get taste of my ass.
Length: 10 minutes

My Ass Dominates You

mp4 311.17 MB

Custom vid (no name mentioned). Description: "You play my step-MILF. You've noticed how I've been looking at you differently lately...stealing glances when I think you're not looking. What could that be all about, you tease me. But of course you know. It all started when we went shopping at the mall a few months back. You wore one of your more revealing outfits. You could just tell I was having trouble keeping my eyes off you.You put on a show that day in the mall, you brag. Your big buttocks slapping and popping with each step you took. "How did I stack up with the other women at the mall that day," you ask me? "It's ok," you tease me. "You can admit that my big thunder glutes were the best in the mall that day." What a complete champ you are. You slowly take off your robe to reveal your stupendous gluteus maximus and then you let me pleasure myself to your big shapely butt while you pose for me and continue to brag about it. Saying things like "I bet you've compared these big hindquarters to all the girls at your high school and figured out that I dominate." And you tell me that your big shapely butt is my "dominator." And you're going to dominate my world with it like the big champ that you are."
Length: 11 minutes