Strip Tease

Leg Crossing Seduction - JOI

mp4 495.98 MB

This is basically a strip-tease jerk off instruction...but it's a custom vid (no name mentioned) & he requested a lot of leg, if you like leg crossing, there's a lot of that within the seductive stripping & instructions. countdown that will have you on the edge of your seat trying to cum only when I give you permission. You'll like this:-)
Length: 17 minutes

Ass Worship Interrogation

mp4 390.64 MB

(Custom vid, no name mentioned). You have information we want. Rather than extracting it using violence I've investigated you & feel a softer technique will be more effective. I've discovered that you're a chronic masturbating porn addict who favors Dominant women & loves ass. I've restrained you so you can't touch your horny dick while I tease you, sensually stripping & talking about grinding my ass against your dick & making you cum. I'll get that information out of you...
Length: 14 minutes

Hot For MILF

mp4 341.19 MB

Custom vid (no name mentioned): "Unimpressed by my request of a stripper for my birthday, you, my MILF, want to teach me a lesson. You decide to perform a striptease with plenty of ass teasing (esp. spanking) but I'm not allowed to get hard. Should I get an erection, you'll embarrass me..."Spoiler: you do get hard & I make you jerk off nude in front of me & my girlfriend.
Length: 12 minutes

I Control You

mp4 465.21 MB

Mmmm, this sensually Dominant jerk off instruction sizzles! It's a custom vid for 'Chris' & although I say his name in it, you won't care. I slowly strip, teasing you while telling you to NOT stroke yet. I want your arousal to build, I want you to wait. After several excruciating minutes where you'll be white-knuckling the arms of your chair to keep from grabbing your horny cock I finally instruct you to touch yourself very lightly...the MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION continues with a slow countdown, each moment with so much eye candy you'll ache for release...your devotion to me deepening as you fall for me more than you thought possible...
Length: 16 minutes

You Are Addicted To Me

mp4 274.99 MB

This is a custom vid for Michael but his name is only mentioned a few times and really...this vid is appropriate for so many of you. I discuss how you are addicted to me and porn & how you'll never escape. I guide you in a sensual masturbation instruction, teasing you and slowly revealing my beautiful will all be too much for you and when you cum you'll know that you're hooked for good...
Length: 9 minutes

Dance For Mistress

wmv 182.4 MB

I know you wish you could serve me. You wish you could be my pet, to please and entertain me. Watch as this loyal pet entertains me in a private dance booth at a strip club. I dragged him around all night as a financial slave makng him buy drinks for me and my friends. I used him as my toilet and toilet paper. This is just a snap shot of what your life would be like if you served the Bitch Princess. Would you make me laugh this hard?