Cruel But Irresistible

mp4 347.34 MB

WARNING: This is a very MEAN POV vid. I'm giving a handjob in beautiful opera length black leather gloves...but I'm talking to YOU the viewer and I'm being a fucking bitch. I guess I was in a bad mood when I filmed this (In Florence, Italy in case you're curious) and I spend most of the film making fun of you and telling you that you'll never know how it feels to be this close to me. The comments are personal and cutting, intensely cruel. You can turn the volume off and just enjoy the visual feast of me giving a handjob in gorgeous gloves or hell, turn the volume up and cry yourself to dreamland tonight. You've been warned. POV HUMILIATION & DEGRADATION
Length: 12 minutes

I Love Ballbusting 1

mp4 122.81 MB

This vid contains 42 hard kicks, mostly standing with boots, some with the slave kneeling and a few barefoot kicks. It also contains a few slow motion views and faster views of my favorite kicks. This is VERY HARDCORE. No storyline, no filler: all action. (Featuring gorgeous Gianmarco Lorenzi Italian designer stiletto boots.)
Length: 4 minutes

Bitch Boss Makes You Suck Cock

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So, you've been mouthing off around the office about the new female boss? You have some kind of chip on your shoulder about working for a woman? Well, it's a tough job market and you're about to get sacked for having a big mouth. You're about to learn just how much of a bitch your new boss is. She tells you that you can keep your job only if you get on your knees and stuff that big mouth of yours full of cock. That's right. You want to work for a man so badly? If she were a man you would have to really suck up to keep your job so you might as well get sucking'll be humiliated like this every day from now on so you learn your place in the company and that is BELOW your lady boss!
Length: 7 minutes