MILFs Kissing Lesson

mp4 475.48 MB

This is highly recommended for MILF;s Boys (obviously) but also for MOUTH/TONGUE/LIP fetishists. There is a little foot play and full body views...but the main theme is KISSING instruction with MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. The sexy mouth close-ups are amazing.
Length: 16 minutes

Suffer At My Feet

mp4 279.52 MB

This was filmed in Seattle with a fan who really, REALLY wanted to worship my boots & feet. I felt he should suffer a little for that pleasure. I was amused to see him struggle to reach my feet while almost ripping his own dick & balls off (CBT). Just when he was doing so well he made a mistake and earned more punishment: heel grinding into his junk. It ends with him finally getting really close to my foot, so close he gags on it as I roughly fuck his face with it. Who said worshiping me was easy? Ha ha
Length: 9 minutes

Foot Jobs Drive You Crazy

mp4 190.46 MB

Super sexy footjob!
Length: 6 minutes

I Love Ballbusting 1

mp4 122.81 MB

This vid contains 42 hard kicks, mostly standing with boots, some with the slave kneeling and a few barefoot kicks. It also contains a few slow motion views and faster views of my favorite kicks. This is VERY HARDCORE. No storyline, no filler: all action. (Featuring gorgeous Gianmarco Lorenzi Italian designer stiletto boots.)
Length: 4 minutes

Feet and Hands Persuasion

mp4 406.79 MB

You would be helpless against my warm velvety seduction. Those sexy petite feet..those skilled hands...I dare you to try to hold off until the end... *smile*. Features: FOOT JOB & HAND JOB.
Length: 14 minutes

Dominant Foot Goddess's

mp4 161.37 MB

During filming recently I decided to film this little candid clip (between scenes) of us gals enjoying some foot worship from the slaves. This was spontaneous & casual. True Dominant Goddess's dealing with slaves in a natural way. (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)

My Feet Are Better Than Your Wife's

mp4 292.73 MB

CUSTOM: Your wife has giant size 10 feet. I have tiny size 4 feet. You secretly worship my petite feet and compare them to your wife's. These are your wife's huge size 10 malibu slippers. Shall I try them on? Ha ha, look how my little feet swim in them! You can imagine how petite the rest of me is...I want you to stroke and cum worshiping my superior, feminine feet...(MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with FOOT FETISH focus.)
Length: 10 minutes