Humiliate Yourself For ME

wmv 331.41 MB

The main theme of this clip is humiliation with a lot of ENCOURAGED BI, CUCKOLDING, BOOT WORSHIP & FOOT WORSHIP (my boyfriends feet) with MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. WARNING: This clip might be too intense for slaves who are offended by ENCOURAGED BI or who are in denial about having any homosexual desires. Don't buy it and then send me a whining/sulky email complaining that I called you 'gay'. If you can't handle being humiliated don't buy this clip.
Length: 9 minutes

Public POV Pussy and Boot Worship

wmv 146.6 MB

True fans know how much of a thrill I get out of public play. Imagine you are beneath me in this authentic public scene...worshiping my boots and getting under my skirt...people walking by, looking at you being the perfect submissive slut...witnesses to your deep servitude and perversion...imagine how hot that would be? To have the taste of my sweet pussy in your mouth, knowing other people are watching you...
Length: 4 minutes

Public Play At The Taboo Sex Show

wmv 237.51 MB

This is one of 6 clips filmed at the recent Sex Show (trade show for adult products and services). This scene was filmed in the public dungeon area. In front of an audience we spanked, paddled and played with this sub boy. He worshiped my boots, kissed my ass and was used as human furniture. This was a highly erotic, intense public scene with light humiliation.
Length: 6 minutes

Boot Worship Brainwash

wmv 227.13 MB

This clip contains surprises that I won't spoil for you. I'll just say that if you're into 'boots' and/or 'Entrancement/mind control/financial domination' you will love this clip. I strongly recommend you download it. In fact, I order you to.
Length: 6 minutes