public play

Public Boot Licker

mp4 221.01 MB

Oh the shame of public humiliation! You can almost feel the heat off of his burning cheeks as he kneels on the ground and licks the filth from the bottoms of my sexy will see people walking by gawking at him, you might even pick up some audio of people just out of frame talking about him. It was broad daylight, middle of the afternoon in a busy part of the city. This was not staged, this is 100% REAL candid public humiliation/boot worship.
Length: 7 minutes

Crazy Public Worship

mp4 250.02 MB

This is the FULL vid of Meggerz & I doing PUBLIC foot worship on the Vegas strip with loads of people walking by. This is the most extreme public clip I've done yet. There's even a little something special I couldn't put in the promo images. You'll have to watch to find out! (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 8 minutes

Goddess Party 2017: Kink Extravaganza

mp4 823.81 MB

This is a very special vid. It combines a few of the hottest scenes of the last Goddess Party. Hot Encouraged Bi action, Strap-On AND the cum collection game (the slaves all raced to cum as quickly as possible, ejaculating into a glass...the last one, the loser, gets a cum facial with all the others jizz!)

Multiple Dominant women all using sub males for their kinky amusement. This is a must-have for any kinksters collection, especially lovers of CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male), public play/exhibitionism, women making guys suck dick, party scenario's...this is unique/rare stuff.

Party attended by: Samantha Mack (, Miss Jasmine (, Evilyn 13 ( & Skylar Heart (

Length: 20 minutes


Humiliating The Foot Bitch

mp4 272.63 MB

Meggerz & I have fun teasing & degrading this little foot bitch. It gets pretty extreme...that's all I'm saying. *smile* (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 9 minutes

Public Shoe Worship Humiliation

mp4 112.78 MB

Domina Snow joins me for some good ol' fashioned public humiliation. This is the real deal with the general public walking by mortified at this idiot on his knees, licking our shoes, making an ass of himself. (Click to see more of Alexandra Snow)
Length: 4 minutes

Public Ass Worship

mp4 204.62 MB

I know you love my ass...but you're not the only one. This vid contains 2 (TWO!) scenes. One where I'm doing some hot public face sitting & ass worship with a slave...& a steamy scene with Ashley Fires! (Click to see more of Ashley Fires)
Length: 7 minutes

Publicly Worship Our Shoes

mp4 145.24 MB

Domina Snow & I give you a taste of what it would feel like to worship us in a busy hotel lobby, where anyone could see you. Imagine humiliating yourself like that, for our amusement... (Click for more Alexandra Snow)
Length: 5 minutes

Public Play At The Taboo Sex Show

wmv 237.51 MB

This is one of 6 clips filmed at the recent Sex Show (trade show for adult products and services). This scene was filmed in the public dungeon area. In front of an audience we spanked, paddled and played with this sub boy. He worshiped my boots, kissed my ass and was used as human furniture. This was a highly erotic, intense public scene with light humiliation.
Length: 6 minutes