brat girl

Scissored and Squeezed

mp4 175.15 MB

This old fucker wants to sniff my panties & crotch so badly he'll endure crushing pain as I lock my strong thighs around his neck. I enjoy watching his face go all purple as my grip tightens, squeezing the life out of him. My scissorhold is inescapable! Lots of teasing...heck, moments are downright sensual...but always with the threat of pain...
Length: 6 minutes

Office Princess

wmv 223.82 MB

She's that hot, snotty girl at work that you jerk off thinking about all the time. You would do ANYTHING for her, admit it. Of course she would never have anything to do with an ugly dork like you. Except toy with you, laugh as you open wide for her nail clippings and spit while handing over half your pay check and doing most of her work for her. Poor thing...or are you exactly where you crave to be? At my feet loser.
Length: 6 minutes