MILFs Ejaculation Test Failed

mp4 262.23 MB

ORGASM DENIAL + RUBBER DISHWASHING GLOVES + Fam FANTASIES + PUNISHMENT + HANDJOBS. This is a twisted vid for my naughty MILF's Boys. As you can see, I'm not wearing any panties. That's because some little pervert keeps stealing them from the dirty laundry. If you've been jerking off without permission I'll find out. I know exactly how long it should take you to cum by my hand. If you don't cum quickly enough I'll know that you've been a bad boy...
Length: 9 minutes

Sneakers Socks & Panties

mp4 203.27 MB

Masturbation instruction with sneakers, socks, panties and feet!
Length: 7 minutes

sis's Tampon Part 2

mp4 90.85 MB

In the 2nd part of this 4 part vid your bitchy big sis teases you with her tampon string while in the bathroom. She informs you that the next nasty task you'll need to learn to perform is drinking her P & eating her...(you know what)...and then maybe you'll have a chance to suck her tampon and taste her menses (period). This is just toilet talk-nothing visually graphic here. (Note: this is a custom vid and I address the viewer as 'Tony'.)
Length: 3 minutes

Glove Addict

mp4 167.77 MB

There's just something about leather gloves...You're addicted my dear, you need this fix...(GLOVE FETISH + LEATHER + MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION / JERK OFF INSTRUCTION + DOMINANT BITCH)
Length: 6 minutes

Persuasive Bill Collector

mp4 304.29 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. "You owe money & I'm here to collect it. I have my methods. First, with the press of a button your internet search history will be sent to everyone on your contact list. They'll all know what a sick pervert you are. Now that I have your attention take all your cloths off so I can ensure you're not wearing a wire. Good. Oh, you still don't want to pay? Standing there, naked & exposed I see that the flashes of underwear & cleavage are having an effect on you. You can't hide that boner! I encourage you to jerk off for me while I tease you. When you cum I snap pics of you standing there, naked, wanking & cumming. Oh my, can you imagine if those pics got into the wrong hands? Your reputation would be ruined! So, you'll pay now? I thought so. Run & get the money & I'll consider deleting the pics after..."

Length: 10 minutes

Too Close To Home Webcam

mp4 435.93 MB

You're about to have a good jerk off session with a web cam girl when you realize it's your own sis! For some reason you're still aroused & take the risk of 2-way camming, thus exposing yourself to her. She ridicules you for being a pervert but realizes she has the upper hand now. She teases you about having a boner for your own sis...and encourages you to cum for her to seal the deal: she's going to own you now!
Length: 15 minutes

Sweet Cuckold Romance

mp4 423.64 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You & I have a special relationship. You're my sweet cuckold. You love preparing me for my dates with well-hung studs. We have our intimate time before where you watch me get ready, then you suck my nipples, lick my toes & pussy...then you use your smaller penis to warm up my pussy for that much larger cock. But you don't get to cum yet, you have to wait. When I get home from my date I share my messy, cummy panties & my cum-filled pussy with you. I tell you about the hot sex while you clean up the creampie then I let you fuck my sloppy pussy & tell you how much I love you as you cum inside of me...
Length: 14 minutes

I Cheated On You

mp4 257.3 MB

I am your wife. Just a regular woman. Not overly Dominant or cruel. Just a nice, loving wife who has sweetly indulged some of your kinks like sitting on your face or letting you wear panties. "I have a confession to make. I feel really bad about it: I cheated on you. I'm really sorry. I still love you & want to stay married to you....but I want to keep fucking him too..." This is a very realistic scenario where I tell you about what I've been doing & gently try to introduce you to the idea of being a cuckold. Any humiliation you feel is natural but I am not trying to make you feel humiliated. (This is a custom vid with no name mentioned.)
Length: 9 minutes

I Control You

mp4 465.21 MB

Mmmm, this sensually Dominant jerk off instruction sizzles! It's a custom vid for 'Chris' & although I say his name in it, you won't care. I slowly strip, teasing you while telling you to NOT stroke yet. I want your arousal to build, I want you to wait. After several excruciating minutes where you'll be white-knuckling the arms of your chair to keep from grabbing your horny cock I finally instruct you to touch yourself very lightly...the MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION continues with a slow countdown, each moment with so much eye candy you'll ache for release...your devotion to me deepening as you fall for me more than you thought possible...
Length: 16 minutes

Step MILF Double Jerk Off

mp4 448.14 MB

I'm your new Step MILF. While your Pa is out of town he has left me in charge of making sure you're up & ready for your first day at your new school. I understand that you may be distracted by the girls at school & it's important to me that you stay focused on your school work. Your Pa will be proud of you if you get good grades. I decide to help you stay focused by ensuring your balls are completely empty each morning. That's means that you'll jerk off TWICE while I tease you with my sexy body & sensually Dominant demeanor. You'll follow my instructions as I straddle your face, getting close enough for you to smell my feminine fragrance...this will be our little secret. It's taboo & unorthodox but I bet soon enough you'll only be able to cum looking at me, your step-MILF & other girls won't be a distraction at all...
Length: 15 minutes