verbal degradation

Premature Ejaculation Humiliation

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This is a special video and gets my special "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" stamp of approval. Very severe, cutting humiliation & degradation after an amazing premature cum shot. If you have a fetish for humiliation at all you will love this video.
Length: 4 minutes

Nurse AssRams Pervert

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HUGE STRAP-ON ASS FUCKING with MEAN VERBALS. This pervert comes into the medical office every couple of months for a PROSTATE exam. He's always jerking his horny dick & being a creep around the nurse's. He's only had 1 finger in his ass so the nurse decides to teach him a lesson he won't forget and throws a HUGE DILDO in his ass with NO WARM-UP at all. She pounds his ass mercilessly, stretching & punishing it...all the while lashing out verbally to ensure he never comes back to bother the nurse's again.
Length: 7 minutes

Your *** And I

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Your MILF and I have been out without you tonight. We both fucked a hot guy with a big cock at the art gallery. She and I laughed about how small your penis is. Your MILF said it hadn't grown any bigger since you were a boy! She understands why I have to go elsewhere to get satisfied. Your MILF loves big cocks even more than I do. Suffer while I tell you all the details about our little adventure. If you're into small penis humiliation, cuckolding and verbal degradation you'll enjoy this unique clip showcasing my famous verbal skills. Keyword:
Length: 6 minutes

Office Princess

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She's that hot, snotty girl at work that you jerk off thinking about all the time. You would do ANYTHING for her, admit it. Of course she would never have anything to do with an ugly dork like you. Except toy with you, laugh as you open wide for her nail clippings and spit while handing over half your pay check and doing most of her work for her. Poor thing...or are you exactly where you crave to be? At my feet loser.
Length: 6 minutes

Public Foot Pervert

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Fans of the 'Filthy Foot Piggy' clips will enjoy this one. A spunky jogger confronts a pervert she's noticed leers at wonen's sneakers. She figures he would be grossed out by licking her dirty, sweaty, snot and spit covered feet in public. She might be wrong about that as he eagerly laps and sucks away even when random people walk by and laugh at him. (Other people in this clip are passerby's, regular people. Not staged. Real laughter & humiliation.) Harsh verbal degradation as she walks in her barefeet on disgusting ground clearly covered in cigarette butts, gum, bird droppings and who knows what else...and them makes the pervert lick them clean.
Length: 5 minutes