FemDom Therapist

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Custom request with the name "Mark" used. Attitude throughout is slightly arrogant, superior, but in a calm manner. Though unspoken, I am aware of your interest in my smooth, soft armpits. Throughout, I tease you with glimpses and say nothing but give knowing, condescending glances. I am your therapist. I tell you today I want to delve into sexual issues because these are at the root of everything else. I always knew you were a beta male, today I'm going expose you for this. I tell you to undress while I coolly judge and critique your body, amused. I tell you that your physique is okay, and you're cute enough, but women don’t want cute, they want tall and muscular alphas, manly men who know what they want and take it. You must accept becoming a cuckold. I mock you for having a pencil dick, not tiny really, but skinny and inadequate. I order you to masturbate while making you repeat humiliating statements. I order you to ejaculate on the floor then lick it clean.
Length: 15 minutes

Suck Cock For Me

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You might identify as 'straight' but I know you'll suck cock FOR ME, the Goddess you worship. I'll coach you through it, bit by bit, you'll do it to please me, to show me how devoted you are...it will be so hot to do such an extreme, taboo act for your Goddess...maybe deep down you really are a filthy cocksucking, cum-guzzling whore for me...
Length: 12 minutes

Gay Cocksucking Seduction

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Down on your knees it's time for you to finally suck cock for me. I seduce & coach you into it. I encourage you to lick his balls...I tease you with telling you to kiss me while you suck his cock. Just look at me & my gorgeous breasts while you take that cock in your mouth...soon you'll be sucking that cock like a champ & take all that hot cum on your face while you open your mouth wide & catch as much as you can...
Length: 12 minutes

Cuckold Fag Mind Fuck

mp4 212.61 MB

This is a very intense & action-packed ENCOURAGED BI mind fuck. My velvety voice seduces you into wanting to suck cock, lick balls and rim men's assholes as I infiltrate your weak mind with erotic images that will break down any anti-fag defenses you have left...
Length: 7 minutes

Two New Sex Slaves

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Two new sex slaves have arrived at the compound. 1 younger with potential & 1 more experienced. I inspect & then test them out. The younger one has a nice mouth for oral worship but lacks orgasm control and has to keep stopping to prevent himself from cumming. I verbally humiliate him for it and punish him by having him suck the other ones cock. The younger one does have a nice mouth after all. I enjoy a thorough fucking by the more experienced one. When I've been satisfied...I have the younger one suck off the mature one & hold his cum on his tongue while I stroke him off with my leather gloved hand. He ejaculates tasting the other ones cum, then licks his own cum off the floor. NOTE: This is my 1st time having intercourse with 2 males in the same scene. It also features amazing ENCOURAGED BI!
Length: 19 minutes

Cuckold Sucks Boss And Licks His Ass

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A husband has been caught going to strip clubs during company time. He's in trouble with his wife AND his boss. If he wants to keep his job & his wife he's going to have to work for it. From now on he's going to be sucking his boss's cock & kissing his ass: literally! His wife gets a look at his boss's thick cock & decides her husbands little dick doesn't measure up any more. He's going to be her humiliated cuckold from now on while she gets satisfied by a real man!
Length: 20 minutes

Boot Licking JOI

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NOTE: this vid has a voice-over MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, by me, Mistress T. The visual glides between solo views of me & my gorgeous designer Gianmarco Lorenzi boots & views of a slave worshiping those boots. My velvety voice guides you in a boot worship jerk off instruction/encouragement, entrancing you & seducing you to the point where you cum on my command (with countdown) AND then eat your own filth (CUM EATING INSTRUCTION). Good boy.
Length: 6 minutes

Cocksucking ATM Cum Eating Training

mp4 269.12 MB

ATM=Ass-To-Mouth, as in taking the strap-on cock out of his ass & making him suck it. That's just part of training to turn him into the whore I want him to be. He also has to learn to eat cum so I make him ejaculate on the strap-on dick & eat it off. He actually does a satisfactory job. He's a natural slut.
Length: 9 minutes

Stretched Ass To Mouth

mp4 301.6 MB

Custom vid (no name mentioned): I guide you to jerk off while training your own ass. First with a finger, then two...I show you how to stretch it further, adding more fingers, twisting & going deeper, fucking your own ass....then I tell you to pull your fingers out & suck on them...to go ass-to-mouth (ATM) while stroking your dick...but don't cum yet! You have to go further, get that hand ALL THE WAY IN! Cum with your ass stretched & filled to the max...then pull that hand out, scoop up your cum & eat it with the hand that's been in your ass. Cum eating instruction & ass-to-mouth...degrading yourself, humiliating yourself & training yourself to be the perfect slut for me.
Length: 11 minutes

U Will Worship Black Bull

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This is a powerful INTERRACIAL CUCKOLDING vid with lots of Encouraged bi HUMILIATION & CUM EATING INSTRUCTION.
Length: 18 minutes