Only Half Black

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Whether you're into seeing me with a black guy OR you're into interracial humiliation there is something here for you. The slave is half black/half white. He thinks he's black enough & big enough to provide the BBC I've been hunting for. He's pretty big, but not big enough...& not black enough so I tease him sensually & humiliate him for not measuring up. Eventually he can't take it anymore & blows his load proving that he wouldn't have enough stamina for me either. Great POV CUM EATING INSTRUCTION ending.
Length: 11 minutes

Bound To Cum On Your Own Face

mp4 241.36 MB

BONDAGE keeps this reluctant slave from changing positions...while my expert LEATHER GLOVED hands milk his cock in this HUMILIATING FEMDOM HANDJOB that ends with a self-facial & CUM EATING INSTRUCTION!
Length: 8 minutes

Little White Dick Vs. BBC

mp4 244.7 MB

This is a sexy HANDJOB vid for those who just love handjobs...it also includes an INTERRACIAL element (he's a light-skinned black man), also CUCKOLDING & SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION as I compare your inadequate white penis to that BIG BLACK COCK. At the end, I tell you to clean up his cum as the last insult...
Length: 8 minutes

Counselors Small Penis Humiliation

mp4 266.7 MB

This is a custom vid for Stephen & I say his name several times throughout the vid...but you can enjoy this even if you're name isn't Stephen. Here's the outline: "I'm a high school student you are a school counselor. I go to see you because somebody pulled my pants down as a prank at a pool party and the hot girls in my class saw my small penis. You are really nice & sweet about it and try to reassure me that it was probably cold water & that young women can be cruel etc. You get me to show you my penis so you can reassure me that its all in my head. You ask to see it erect so you can properly judge it. You admit to me that it is smaller than average. You take pity on me and let me masturbate in front of you. I ask you if you'd be interested in someone like me and you turn from nice to real bitch laying on SPH insults going on about your lovers huge cock & comparing the two. You do a tease showing of your ass, mocking me. Showing your tits saying how your small my cock would look in between them. Eventually you show your pussy by taking your panties off but leaving a short skirt on. I cum, you say how pathetic i am for not holding out. You mock my cock as the cum drips down it and it shrinks even smaller. You make me to lick my cum up laughing at me calling me your bitch. The End"
Length: 10 minutes

Sissy Cuckold and Stud

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My sissy cuckold kneels & watches while I stroke off my young, fit stud. I sensually milk a nice load of cum out of that gorgeous cock to feed my sissy. As part of her training she needs to learn to love the taste of cum so she can be a better cock sucker for me.
Length: 6 minutes

Husband Training

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A wife sends her husband to me for training...at first I tell him it's because she's caught him jerking off to porn on the internet of women taking loads of cum on their face & in their mouths...which is true, but that's not the full story. I eventually tell him that his wife has been cheating on him & she intends on turning him into a cuckold. He's going to have to learn to clean her lovers cum out of her pussy...so he might as well start with learning to eat his own cum! This vid has a great storyline with a CUCKOLDING theme as well as a sexy latex gloved handjob with humiliating CUM EATING at the end.
Length: 11 minutes

You Will Eat Your Own Cum

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This is an INTERACTIVE HUMILIATING MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION/JOI CUM-EATING INSTRUCTION vid. My demeanor is cruel & sharp as I degrade you. I'm the kind of hard-to-please bitchy Domme you love to try desperately to please. Today you'll amuse me by doing what you haven't been able to do: eat your own cum. 1st: Jerk off quickly onto a plate or in a bowl (you'll worship the bottoms of my beautiful heels while I degrade you & instruct you to jerk off for me). You'll then pause the vid & come back later when you're horny again. Keep that cum you'll need it for round two! 2nd: I give you lots of eye candy, teasing and encouragement to help you along the 2nd time because you're going to have to eat that cold cum before you are given permission to ejaculate again...
Length: 17 minutes

MILF Plays with Sons Friend

mp4 319.17 MB

You are my boy, watching me play with your friend. How humiliating for you! You have a crush on your own hot MILF but your penis is too small for MILF. I enjoy exploring his big cock and talk about fucking him...imagine, being CUCKOLDED and HUMILIATED by your own MILF! When he cums you have to eat it all up...you better get used to the taste as next time you'll be cleaning it out of MILF's pussy!
Length: 11 minutes

Watch MILF

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Your training continues as MILF Dearest teaches you about the birds & the bees. Tonight you are going to watch MILF with her boyfriend to learn more. You'll be expected to practice what you've already learned including pussy/ass licking to get MILF warmed up for that BIG cock...as well as a little cocksucking (ENCOURAGED BI) as you must learn to be orally skilled no matter the task. You'll also be expected to clean up the cum after to earn a special reward. Features: FUCKING/full intercourse + CEI/Cum Eating Instruction. See MILFs's creamy, horny pussy ride that big cock! This is done in a M0therly, loving, kinky style with very light humiliation (a little small penis humiliation/SPH) & sensual FemDom.
Length: 12 minutes