Cruel But Irresistible

mp4 347.34 MB

WARNING: This is a very MEAN POV vid. I'm giving a handjob in beautiful opera length black leather gloves...but I'm talking to YOU the viewer and I'm being a fucking bitch. I guess I was in a bad mood when I filmed this (In Florence, Italy in case you're curious) and I spend most of the film making fun of you and telling you that you'll never know how it feels to be this close to me. The comments are personal and cutting, intensely cruel. You can turn the volume off and just enjoy the visual feast of me giving a handjob in gorgeous gloves or hell, turn the volume up and cry yourself to dreamland tonight. You've been warned. POV HUMILIATION & DEGRADATION
Length: 12 minutes

Humiliated At My Feet

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You'll be humiliated & treated with disdain as you kneel at my feet, begging to worship them. I talk to my friend (just out of camera view) about how to treat old, ugly slaves like you. About how you're only use is to serve my feet, the lowest part of me. I'll only acknowledge you to point out that you look like you're on the verge of tears & that I love to see how much you suffer for me.
Length: 10 minutes

Dirty Looks: Thoughts Of Disgust

wmv 309.5 MB

This is a unique new concept that I'm excited about. VISUALLY this clip is just me looking at you, giving you dirty looks, glancing at your groin area, writing things down and staring you right in the eye for long moments. The AUDIO is of my thoughts. You don't see me talking, you just hear what I'm thinking. If you are not into humiliation/degradation than just turn the volume off an jerk off to me staring at you and taking notes (I could be a therapist, teacher, boss, reporter, lawyer...fill in your fantasy role.) If you get off on women making fun of you than turn the volume up and hear the private thoughts of a woman who is way out of your league. HARSH, CRUEL, EXTREMELY DEGRADING VERBALS and laughing.
Length: 8 minutes