cum countdown

Feel My Power

mp4 445.46 MB

This is a very intimate, intense, sensual & powerful jerk-off-instructional...with cum countdown & seductive mind-fucking. You want to be controlled. You want to follow my instructions. This will deepen your obsession & devotion to me. I will draw you'll feel like it's my hand on your cock as my grip on you tightens. You'll feel me dragging the cum out of your balls, taking you to new heights...& depths...
Length: 17 minutes

Leg Crossing Seduction - JOI

mp4 495.98 MB

This is basically a strip-tease jerk off instruction...but it's a custom vid (no name mentioned) & he requested a lot of leg, if you like leg crossing, there's a lot of that within the seductive stripping & instructions. countdown that will have you on the edge of your seat trying to cum only when I give you permission. You'll like this:-)
Length: 17 minutes

Cock Controlled By Me

mp4 415.53 MB

Custom vid for Chris (name used throughout). I deepen your addiction to me, brainwashing you, mind fucking you. From your knees you follow my instructions on how to stroke, fast, slow, teasing, edging, stopping & only cumming when I give you permission after a countdown. I use my dirty panties to really fuck with your weak mind...
Length: 14 minutes

Leather Glove Overload

mp4 496.54 MB

You have a weakness for leather ever-growing collection of fine leather gloves keeps you tethered to me, keeps you begging for more. I guide you in a jerk off instruction with a buffet of leather glove eye candy...
Length: 17 minutes

Strict Cum Control

mp4 432.66 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. Description: "First I have to kneel on the floor and unzip my pants and take my dick out. Your sexy voice coaches me along, leaving nothing for me to do except listening to your every command. You also use a dildo to instruct me the correct moves. Your instructions may vary as you like (speed and ways of stroking) all along. In the first part, you would tease me with your lips and by licking them a lot too (then licking/sucking your fingers in the end of part 1), looking at me (I would see your all face and beautiful eyes however), saying I would love those lips around my cock, that tongue and lisptick stains on my dick. I would have to imagine that only as I would never be lucky to live that. You would set a speed and would change it when you decide (slow - medium - fast - very fast), in the order you want. I should not cum of course. Your goal would be to train me to last as long as YOU want. And if ever I disobey, I would not be allowed to watch the second part of the video and would stay in chastity one week.In part two you would come closer to me and edge me by teasing me with your lips and hands on the dildo first and then you would simulate a blow job looking at me. You would still give me speed stroking instructions and change speed when you decide.I will probably be so excited already that i would have to struggle not to cum. And you would command me NOT to cum. You are the one who decide and if I do not do what you say, you would put me in a cage and lock my dick and I will not be able to jerk my dick a whole week. It would be so hard !In part three you would go on the couch and you would ask me to worship your awesome ass in your lovely pants/shiny leggings (zooming on your ass sometimes but I would still see you look at me. As previously, you would set a speed and would change it when you want (slow - medium - fast - very fast), in order to tease me. You would be teasing me by saying you know how much I would love to lick it and then fuck you from behind. I would have to imagine that only as I would never be lucky to live that. Of course, I would have to wait for you command to cum ! And if ever I desobey, I have to stay one week in chastity...Then at the end, you would put your ass closer to my face (zoom on it) and I have to show you how much your ass is perfect by a huge load !Then, finally, telling me that I am a good boy, you command me to jerk very very fast and cum."
Length: 15 minutes

Inexperienced Pathetic Cuck

mp4 372.57 MB

This is a custom vid for "Gary" & I use his name several times. You can enjoy this vid no matter what your name is, especially if you're sexually inexperienced. You're better off as a cuckold since you couldn't please a woman in bed. If you have a flesh light or pocket pussy/masturbation sleeve: bonus (as I encourage you to hump it, teasing you that it's as close to a real pussy as you're going to get.) I humiliate you throughout this sexy jerk off instruction with the end you're instructed to slurp up all your cum so you can get used to cleaning up cum-filled pussies.
Length: 13 minutes

So Addicted To Me

mp4 259.58 MB

This is a custom vid but there's no name mentioned & it's really appropriate for so many of, obsessively watching my vids, looking at my pics, you, who can't stay away, who can't get enough, who craves me, worships me & aches to be closer to me. Yes, you. Get this vid & stroke to me teasing you with my body, entrancing you with my velvety voice & wicked words...
Length: 9 minutes

Cleavage Weakness

mp4 248.2 MB

The amazing & busty Domina Alexandra Snow joins me to completely fuck your weak mind with this seductive jerk off instruction. Will you last until the end??? (Click to go to Domina Snow's c4s store)xxx (Click to go to my blog post with a behind-the-scenes vid with Alexandra Snow & Sidonia von Bork)
Length: 8 minutes

Ice Queen Takes Your Power

mp4 282.19 MB

Attention weak males of Earth, it's time for you to wank for your Queen. There is no point in trying to resist, already my powers have grown so intense that you are practically a jerk addict. Every time you orgasm I become more powerful. I am feeding off of you, stealing your life force, using you as fuel. Yet, even knowing this you can not stop. You can't even look away. You happily stroke & spunk gazing upon me as if in a spell. Your cock springs to life at the mere thought of me...even now, you are already building up a nice load for me...give it to me!
Length: 10 minutes

MILF Sweet Sex Coaching

mp4 395.98 MB

For my boys...your hot, loving MILF is back to coach you through your sexual exploration. So naughty ...but you love it. xo
Length: 13 minutes