Training My Lesbian Cuckold

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My girlfriend is great but she isn't enough for me. I've decided to add men into our sex life & I need to train her to take cock as well. She's never had a penis inside of her so I train her with my strap-on. She's so devoted to me she'll do what ever I tell her to. I am especially turned on by black men so I encourage her to cum while looking at black cock to get used to having guys around. I find the idea of making my lesbian girlfriend fuck men for me very arousing. (Click to see more of Cheyenne Jewel)
Length: 13 minutes

Kissing Fetish

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Custom Vid: Kissing, tongue sucking & more kissing! If you love seeing two hot women smooching this is super hot! Breast/nipple licking...& a lot of tongue action! (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 12 minutes

Seduced Into Being My Slave Girl

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There's a good storyline here...quite a cunning seduction...but the main theme is female foot worship. If you're into that, this vid will be fabulous jack off material.
Length: 10 minutes

Cuckolded By Lesbian Wife

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To you, my husband: "You remember how I asked you to take sexy pics of yourself jerking off at work? Well, your secretary & I are now going to use those pics to blackmail you into being our cuckold. Your secretary & I have been having an affair & she's going to move in now...& sleep with me in the master bedroom. You are going to be cross dressed, locked in chastity & sleep in the basement...you can have one last orgasm while she & I make out in front of you, really driving the point home that you are no longer needed sexually...." (Custom vid, no name mentioned.)
Length: 10 minutes

Cuckolded Girlfriend Vs. BBC

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My white girlfriend has to learn that she can't compete with big black cock. If she wants to stay with me she's going to have to understand that sometimes I'm going to fuck black studs. She can still please me by worshiping my feet while I'm enjoying a black cock. She's so pussy-whipped she'll do whatever I want...even if that means eventually fluffing those cocks & cleaning up their cum from my pussy...as a lesbian that's going to be difficult for her but she'll do it: for ME. - - - NOTE: This vid is primarily about me VERBALLY cuckolding my girlfriend while she worships my feet. I make out with the black guy & show a few teasers of me fucking him but the main theme is introducing my lesbian girlfriend to her new reality as my cuckold. LOTS OF GIRL/GIRL FOOT WORSHIP! (Click to see more of Cheyenne Jewel)