Cum Facial For Punishment

mp4 371.29 MB

I have caught my boy looking at gay porn again. In an effort to put him on the STRAIGHT & narrow I combine 2 techniques: #1. I show him that he can be attracted to women by using my body & hands to arouse him. #2. I show him how awful it would be to be a fag by making him cum on his own face. If he were gay he'd have cocks & cum in his face & mouth all the time. I make sure that experience feels very humiliating & negative.
Length: 12 minutes

You Love Me - SALE PRICED!

mp4 376.47 MB

Price reduced...because I love you too! This is kind of a customer appreciation thing...a sweet, sensual masturbation encouragement vid. We have a little chat about your infatuation with me then I give you lots of yummy eye candy & encourage your to cum for me. This is a really nice vid for ANY fan, but especially appropriate if you're feeling lonely & crave some female intimacy.
Length: 13 minutes

Kissing Fetish

mp4 345.18 MB

Custom Vid: Kissing, tongue sucking & more kissing! If you love seeing two hot women smooching this is super hot! Breast/nipple licking...& a lot of tongue action! (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 12 minutes

Time For Bed

mp4 240.67 MB

It's time for bed but you have a won't be able to get to sleep unless we get rid of that! I help you out...I know how much you love my breasts...I slide my wet pussy against your's not real sex if I don't insert's still naughty tho...& hot...
Length: 8 minutes

Boob Seduction

mp4 330.68 MB

This is another custom vid for 'Josh' & I say his name several times. It's a very sultry JERK OFF INSTRUCTION with lots of oiled up boob action. If you enjoy a little one-on-one telling you how to jerk off, teasing you and controlling you with my voice & gorgeous'll love this.
Length: 11 minutes

Kissing & Breast Worship

mp4 367.27 MB

The beautiful Goddess Kyaa & I have been flirting over twitter for awhile now...recently we were finally in the same town at the same time: Sin City, Vegas person we 'clicked' as well as we expected & you get to share a few minutes of the fun as we smooch & playfully explore each other. Kyaa just loved my breasts & I loved the way she loved them...lots of breast kissing, licking & love. If you're a fan of kissing and/or if you're a boob man you'll love this sensual vid. (Click to see more of Goddess Kyaa)
Length: 12 minutes

Orgasm Control Training

mp4 411.95 MB

This clip is designed for guys who cum quickly: premature ejaculators, 2-pump-chumps, minute men...but really, any chronic masturbator would enjoy this sexy, teasing MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION that encourages you to hold off until the end of the you get to see me take my bra off. You get 60 seconds to cum after I expose my beautiful breasts...are you up for the challenge???
Length: 14 minutes

MILF and Friends

mp4 185.79 MB

You're awoken by the sound of ladies giggling and talking coming from your MILF's get up and start to snoop but MILF hears you and calls you in...there's pretty Mommie with two of her super pretty friends! They gently tease you when they notice your little erection and realize you're not going to be able to get back to bed until you have an orgasm. MILF tells a couple of embarrassing stories about you as they all encourage you to play with yourself in front of're told to sniff Mommies friends pantyhose covered feet and to sniff her panties...then to kiss and lick her other friends perfect get to nuzzle those beautiful breasts and Mommie gives you a hand to put you over the edge... More of Domina Snow: - More of Sarah Blake:
Length: 6 minutes

Sex Ed For MILF's Boy

wmv 378.25 MB

Loving MILF doesn't think the sex class in your school teaches you what you really need to know. She continues your training in her sensual & hot way. First she gets you to practice breast, pussy & ass worship to get her ready for her boyfriend. While you're lapping away down there she tells you that you'll hide in the closet and watch her boyfriend fuck her. After he stretches out both of her holes and fills her with cum she'll bring you out to clean her up. (The main part of the this clip is me describing in detail what you will see while hiding in the closet and what you will do after. Very hot verbals and visuals. During this you will have very close, clear views of my ass & pussy with some views of my face. The clip ends with me putting you in the closet right before my boyfriend enters.)
Length: 10 minutes

Bra and Breast Mind Fuck

wmv 490.6 MB

The title and images pretty much sum it up: BRA FETISH + BREAST WORSHIP + MIND CONTROL/TEASE. Seductive, sensual and diabolical.
Length: 13 minutes