masturbation encouragement

Double Thong Tease For Small Dicked Virgin

mp4 653.86 MB

Custom vid, the name 'Richard' used throughout. There are TWO cum countdowns in this vid! I tease you in the first thong bikini, instruct you to jerk off & cum...then a 2nd masturbation instruction in the 2nd thong bathing suit. Small penis humiliation, virgin humiliation & baldness humiliation. Lots & lots of ass & boob teasing, close & far, jiggling, shaking, squeezing & awesomeness:-)

Length: 22 minutes

Bedtime With Babysitter

mp4 318.95 MB

Custom vid, the name "Raymond" used throughout. It's time for your "bedtime story" from your favorite babysitter. Sweet talk guides your masturbation instruction to get all your cummies out so you can get to sleep:-)
Length: 11 minutes

Leather Glove Quick Stroke

mp4 262.52 MB

How fast can you cum for me? I know you love leather gloves, so how long can you watch me stroking this big cock with these fine leather gloves before you blow your load? Not only are the visuals gorgeous, my velvety voice encourages you along, urging you to empty your balls for me...
Length: 9 minutes

My Ass Dominates You

mp4 311.17 MB

Custom vid (no name mentioned). Description: "You play my step-MILF. You've noticed how I've been looking at you differently lately...stealing glances when I think you're not looking. What could that be all about, you tease me. But of course you know. It all started when we went shopping at the mall a few months back. You wore one of your more revealing outfits. You could just tell I was having trouble keeping my eyes off you.You put on a show that day in the mall, you brag. Your big buttocks slapping and popping with each step you took. "How did I stack up with the other women at the mall that day," you ask me? "It's ok," you tease me. "You can admit that my big thunder glutes were the best in the mall that day." What a complete champ you are. You slowly take off your robe to reveal your stupendous gluteus maximus and then you let me pleasure myself to your big shapely butt while you pose for me and continue to brag about it. Saying things like "I bet you've compared these big hindquarters to all the girls at your high school and figured out that I dominate." And you tell me that your big shapely butt is my "dominator." And you're going to dominate my world with it like the big champ that you are."
Length: 11 minutes

Asshole Sniff Reward

mp4 253.53 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You've been doing really well in school lately & I decide you deserve a reward. You walk in on me changing & I see the way you look at me so decide now is a good time to give you the reward. I tell you that I know you've been jerking off smelling my dirty panties from the laundry so I figure if you're that curious you'd like to smell me, right from the source. I encourage you to masturbate while sniffing my asshole. It's so naughty which makes it even more thrilling...
Length: 9 minutes

So Addicted To Me

mp4 259.58 MB

This is a custom vid but there's no name mentioned & it's really appropriate for so many of, obsessively watching my vids, looking at my pics, you, who can't stay away, who can't get enough, who craves me, worships me & aches to be closer to me. Yes, you. Get this vid & stroke to me teasing you with my body, entrancing you with my velvety voice & wicked words...
Length: 9 minutes

Latex Glove Mind Fuck

mp4 368.49 MB

This is a custom vid, no name mentioned. A JOI vid featuring lots of yummy views of my sexy opera length latex gloves.
Length: 12 minutes

Shemale Fetish

mp4 258.35 MB

You awaken, groggy, confronted by a busty woman with a huge dick. I explain that your sexually dissatisfied wife found your porn history on your computer & now knows all about your fetish for trannies, t-girls, lady boys, shemales. You like chicks with dicks! She hatched this revenge plan with me & now you're in my dungeon with a cocktail inside of you to make you compliant, horny & erect...but as soon as you ejaculate you will no longer be aroused and what I do to you will not be enjoyable. I'm going to fuck your virgin ass with this HUGE BLACK COCK! I'm going to violate your little man pussy, stretch it & pound it. (This vid includes MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT with lots of vocals about enforced, brutal anal...& is perfect if you also have a fetish for shemales/trannies, etc.)
Length: 9 minutes

MILF Sweet Sex Coaching

mp4 395.98 MB

For my boys...your hot, loving MILF is back to coach you through your sexual exploration. So naughty ...but you love it. xo
Length: 13 minutes

Cuckold Condom Clean Up

mp4 543.44 MB

You are my snoopy cuckold & you watch me with my see him pleasing me like you never see him making me cum SO're jealous. You know that you're inadequate and could never satisfy me like that. It also makes you very horny. Your dick does the thinking & you get caught watching me with my lover. I tell you that I'll unlock you from chastity & let you cum on 1 condition: you eat all of my lovers cum from the condom! You're not into it but you're so horny you'll do anything. I tease you & encourage you to jerk off. I work you up into a lather until you're just about to burst, then I pour my lovers cum into your mouth as you start to blow your load....(NOTE: This is an excellent CEI/Cum Eating Instruction vid! You can jerk off in a condom & save it, then use it as a prop the next time you jerk off to this vid, eating your cum at the moment I pour the condom contents into your mouth POV!)
Length: 19 minutes