sis Owns You

mp4 285.12 MB

I catch you trying to sneak peeks at me in the tub...I decide to take advantage of your weakness, shame & perversion...I seem pretty cool at first, it seems fairly harmless, I seem so open-minded...a little teasing and soon you're being encouraged to jerk off looking at your own sisters hot, wet, soaped up body...I even tell you that if I turn around you can imagine for a moment that I'm not your careful though, just because I let you have an orgasm in front of me today doesn't mean that your life won't be a living hell from now on...blackmail and complete control over your life is now MINE.
Length: 9 minutes

Reformed Pervert?

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You've been in rehabilitation for sex addiction and it's time for your parole interview. I will be assessing you to see if you are ready to enter regular society again. (NOTE: This vid is a mind-fuck vid where nearly subliminal images will slowly breakdown your willpower. Seeing me as a strict, professional, conservative, powerful woman who holds your future in my hands...but also as an incredibly lustful, nude sex vixen will do your head in.)
Length: 6 minutes