oral sex

Mouth Tease To Torment You

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Do you fantasize about me sucking your cock? Do you know when that's going to happen? Never. You might as well watch this scene & really tease yourself with what you'll never have.

Length: 16 minutes

Orgasm Control Training: ORAL

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Yes, it's 21 minutes long...but how do you expect to learn orgasm control in a 7 minute video? Do you think you would last 21 minutes with my hand & mouth on your cock? Well, if you ever expect to fuck my pussy you're going to have to learn to cum when I want you to...not too quickly: no one likes a premature ejaculator. Stroke along as I skillfully bring you to the edge over & over (amazing EDGING) with my mouth, hand & verbals. Lots & lots of ORAL, tongue & spit. If you love POV blowjob/handjob scenes this will BLOW your mind *smile*.
Length: 21 minutes

My Boy Will Learn To Worship Pussy

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Before my boy goes off to college I decide to teach him about the birds & the bees. Who better to teach him than the loving mature woman who raised him to respect women? Today's lesson is primarily about learning to please a woman with his mouth. 1st I give detailed instructions, then I have him practice until I have a 100% real orgasm (not a fake porn orgasm). I then reward him by showing him what fellatio is & finish him with a hand job. The message throughout is to respect & worship women. To use his cock, hands & mouth to please a woman FIRST. Lots of SEX EDUCATION & real-world training on being a good lover & a gentleman.
Length: 23 minutes

Worship Superior Pussy

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I'll just use your mouth for my pleasure...
Length: 7 minutes