Watch Your Wife Cum

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This is a very unique video, the first one I've created actually. I'm speaking directly to YOU, my cuckold husband. I want you to watch me have an orgasm by another man's hand. You will watch another man finger fuck me and bring me to a slow, sensual, very intense, powerful 100% REAL ORGASM. (This is a great sex ed vid for all of you clumsy lovers who want to learn how to really please a woman, NOT in the way regular porn vids mis-inform.) For all slaves who really care about a woman's pleasure, who really get off on seeing a woman cum, authentically, you'll love this. Light humiliation in a cuckold theme. Some sensual cock sucking too!
Length: 14 minutes

My Boy Will Learn To Worship Pussy

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Before my boy goes off to college I decide to teach him about the birds & the bees. Who better to teach him than the loving mature woman who raised him to respect women? Today's lesson is primarily about learning to please a woman with his mouth. 1st I give detailed instructions, then I have him practice until I have a 100% real orgasm (not a fake porn orgasm). I then reward him by showing him what fellatio is & finish him with a hand job. The message throughout is to respect & worship women. To use his cock, hands & mouth to please a woman FIRST. Lots of SEX EDUCATION & real-world training on being a good lover & a gentleman.
Length: 23 minutes

Worship Superior Pussy

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I'll just use your mouth for my pleasure...
Length: 7 minutes

You'll Never Fuck Me

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This is a very sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION scene with a bit of a cruel edge. The view is as if you are fucking me...it's to really put you in the drivers seat, to give you a genuine feeling of being on top of me, fucking my sweet pussy...I tease you with my sexy body, my beautiful face & my velvety voice...I remind you that in reality you'll never really know how it feels to fuck me. I make you watch me cum, I challenge you to try to cum at the same time, imagining that you're serving me sexually. Includes a 100% REAL female orgasm.
Length: 8 minutes

Pussy Slide Milking

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At The English Mansion sex slaves are well-used. They are trained to give their over-sexed Mistress's 50 orgasms to their 1. This slave reaches his quota after servicing Mistress Sidonia & I. We use his mouth & cock for our pleasure. In the end the slave is milked by my hot, wet pussy sliding over his horny cock... (Click to see more of Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion)
Length: 11 minutes

Teased In Chastity & Bondage

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My vulnerable slave is helpless to give himself the release he so desperately wants as I expertly tease him...he can only watch & suffer as I get to cum & he doesn't.
Length: 10 minutes

Cum With Me

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This is a very special vid. It's a custom for for one of my longest running slaves "Dave" & I say his name a few times in the vid. It's a sensual teasing vid...with a masturbation to a 100% real orgasm. Your job is simply to masturbate with me & try to cum at the same time as me! Challenge!
Length: 19 minutes

Cum Drenched Cuckold

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This is a hot & humiliating experience for you, my cuckold hubby. You're going to watch me enjoy my lover & his thick cock...and at the end you're going to take that huge load of real man's cum all over your face! (For those begging for more vids with the guy who produces bucket loads of cum: here ya go!) This vid also features a 100% real orgasm for me from a skilled pussy licking...you never made me cum like this! Watch & suffer you small-dicked disappointment.
Length: 16 minutes

Slave Girl Audition (Part 4): Sex Slaves!

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If you've been following the Slave Girl series you'll know that she was a generous gift from Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion during my recent trip to the UK. (Find more of me on The English Mansion here: http://www.theenglishmansion.com/mistress.html?id=135) BOTH of these sex slaves were gifts actually and Sidonia Von Bork makes an appearance in this vid as she delivers the slaves and instructs them to not disappoint her. I thoroughly enjoyed them both!
Length: 18 minutes

Watch Your Wife Cum 4

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You are my cuckold husband because you're unable to please me sexually. I bring other lovers over and make you watch me with them. Tonight you're going to watch me have a REAL orgasm while I play with this hung stud. As a good cuckold you get pleasure from seeing me satisfied. (FINGER FUCKING + 100% REAL FEMALE ORGASM)
Length: 16 minutes