Clean Me After Sex

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You ache to lick my pussy and ass. I know you do. You just want to bury your tongue in there. You'll get your chance now but you'll be cleaning up my lovers creampie while I tell you all about the hot sex I just had. Mmmm, that freshly fucked pussy. It makes you so weak. Get in there and service me orally. Do a perfect job, cuckie.
Length: 7 minutes

Brainwashed Toilet Slave

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This is mostly a solo POV (point-of-view) vid. The last couple of minutes I have a real toilet slave inside my toilet box but he gets so excited he cums very quickly. You can't blame him really. So you get the best of both worlds with this toilet vid, imagining that it's just you & I, very intimately...& you also get to live vicariously through another lucky slave.
Length: 11 minutes

My Boy Will Learn To Worship Pussy

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Before my boy goes off to college I decide to teach him about the birds & the bees. Who better to teach him than the loving mature woman who raised him to respect women? Today's lesson is primarily about learning to please a woman with his mouth. 1st I give detailed instructions, then I have him practice until I have a 100% real orgasm (not a fake porn orgasm). I then reward him by showing him what fellatio is & finish him with a hand job. The message throughout is to respect & worship women. To use his cock, hands & mouth to please a woman FIRST. Lots of SEX EDUCATION & real-world training on being a good lover & a gentleman.
Length: 23 minutes

Oral Service From Chastity Slave

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An opulent boudoir...a fit leather hooded slave locked in chastity...a sensually Dominant Goddess in leather thigh-high boots & corset...a fantasy combination...now focus on serving that Superior pussy, so sweet, so perfect...
Length: 9 minutes

Worship Superior Pussy

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I'll just use your mouth for my pleasure...
Length: 7 minutes

MILF's Special Sex Ed

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It's time to learn about the birds & the bees. The best way for offspring to learn is with each other. Loving Milf instructs & guides them, sometimes demonstrating. It's important that the Miss doesn't get a reputation at school so when she has urges she's to use her bro for her pleasure. He'll be taught how to satisfy & service both Milf & Miss...
Length: 20 minutes

FemDom Cuckolding

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An amazing vid where I use one slave for my pleasure while humiliating & cuckolding another slave in chastity. I make the chastised slave fluff the other slave's cock (MALE COCK SUCKING) & he both prepares my pussy for that thick cock & cleans my pussy up after: CREAMPIE CLEAN UP! This vid has it all!
Length: 18 minutes

Chastity Cuckold Pussy Cleaner

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My poor, denied cuckold is locked away in chastity...blue-balled & completely pussy-whipped. It's his job to clean my pussy & ass after I've been with other men and it's time for him to get to work. I seductively & sensually tease him...tormenting him with tales of my indiscretions...I make him clean that cream pie...the only time he gets to lick my pussy these days is when it's full of another man's cum...
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 15

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No more fucking around. Ariel takes full advantage of a slave and uses him for her sexual pleasure. Ariel has a 100% real orgasm using a slave as a sex toy.
Length: 5 minutes

Sex Ed For MILF's Boy

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Loving MILF doesn't think the sex class in your school teaches you what you really need to know. She continues your training in her sensual & hot way. First she gets you to practice breast, pussy & ass worship to get her ready for her boyfriend. While you're lapping away down there she tells you that you'll hide in the closet and watch her boyfriend fuck her. After he stretches out both of her holes and fills her with cum she'll bring you out to clean her up. (The main part of the this clip is me describing in detail what you will see while hiding in the closet and what you will do after. Very hot verbals and visuals. During this you will have very close, clear views of my ass & pussy with some views of my face. The clip ends with me putting you in the closet right before my boyfriend enters.)
Length: 10 minutes