Cruel Denial

mp4 239.19 MB

I audition a slave hopeful. I inspect him, tease him & seduce him. He's so eager to please & thinks he has a chance. He dreams of serving me as a sex slave, of orally worshiping me & serving my pussy. I keep him on the edge...& then deny him...cruelly....
Length: 8 minutes

Degraded & Denied By Bitch Domme

mp4 170.03 MB

CRUEL VERBALS! For those who think that I'm soooo sweet, welcome to my other side. When I'm disgusted with a slave he knows it. I don't mince words as I degrade this worthless pig. I let him think he'll be allowed to cum as he furiously yanks his nub...but then coldly deny him, dismissing him permanently.
Length: 6 minutes

Facesitting & Denial

mp4 150.47 MB

You dream of being beneath my gorgeous ass & pussy...sniffing my personal aroma, feeling my warm weight against your face...
Length: 5 minutes

Denial Nightmare

mp4 197.95 MB

This is a twisted RUINED ORGASM/ORGASM DENIAL HANDJOB vid which would also be hot if you have a MEDICAL FETISH, GLOVE FETISH or if you love LATEX/RUBBER or kinky NURSE'S. This procedure takes place on an autopsy table for those who have an interest in that fantasy...
Length: 7 minutes

Sissy Extreme Chastity Tease

mp4 280.29 MB

*** UNIQUE CHASTITY! *** Cock piercing locks to piercing behind balls, locking cock in a downward position making an erection painful & impossible. My sissy comes into the clinic to have her transformation monitored. We discuss male urges & I unveil my reasoning for piercing that is now healed. I bring out a lock & key explaining to my sissy that arousal will become so painful I will now gain complete control over all male urges. I lock his/her cock to a ring between the scrotum & anus (perineum) then sensually tease him to demonstrate how painful erections will now be. This is a very sexy tease & denial vid with extreme chastity.
Length: 9 minutes

Seduced and Denied Cheater

mp4 439.67 MB

You're in a relationship with a women who doesn't understand your fetish. You didn't want to cheat, you didn't want to be that guy, but here you are: being seduced by a stunningly gorgeous woman who seems so understanding about your kinks. No man could resist! It feels so good...and it feels so bad...your guilt about being unfaithful...your passion building...soon there is nothing you wouldn't do, all resistance worn down by my sweet, sexy teasing and expert touch...& the words that come out of my beautiful if I could read your mind...and just when you're about to finally release, your orgasm right at the edge...I stop & deny you, shaming you for being a cheater, punishing you for being a weak, perverted douchebag who thinks with his dick.
Length: 15 minutes

Ruined, Denied & Ruined AGAIN

mp4 413.24 MB

This vid is intense! The slave gets double teamed by the bombshell Nikki Whiplash & I...he's edged & teased...brought to the edge of orgasm over & he starts to ejaculate I ruin his orgasm (hard ball slapping)...then bring him right to the brink & DENY him...then I work him up again just to ruin his orgasm AGAIN! (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash) I will be taking private & filmed sessions solo or with Mistress Whiplash at her dungeon in Hammersmith, UK Oct 20-23, 2012. Read this before emailing: (Click to see my blog entry about my UK trip)
Length: 14 minutes

Learn Orgasm Control

mp4 309.09 MB

This is a sensual & intense vid as my poor slave rides the edge of an orgasm...I bring him close and then stop over and over training him to learn orgasm control...
Length: 10 minutes

Turning You Into A CockSucker

mp4 461.43 MB

This vid includes 3 parts: #1. A sensual tease, getting my slave aroused and warmed up to do what he doesn't want to do: suck cock. #2. Cocksucking/Encouraged Bi - He sucks the other slave off until he cums. #3. Tease & Denial/brainwashing...I bring my slave to the edge of orgasm, telling him if he sucks the cum out of the condom I'll let him cum... then deny him telling him he'll have to wait another week to cum...and only then if he takes a load of cum right in his mouth.
Length: 16 minutes

Denied Cuckold Slave

mp4 213.3 MB

Tied down in my dungeon, my cuckold slave waits to do his duty: to clean my pussy & ass after I've been fucking my lovers. I occasionally give him release but find he's more efficient if he's kept in a state of desperation.
Length: 7 minutes