Spellbound Under Mistress T

mp4 359.56 MB

You worship & adore me. You think about me all the time. Indulge & allow yourself to sink into this, feel yourself being seduced by me...savor the experience of being controlled by me. No one else makes you feel this way.


Length: 13 minutes

Worship Fine Stockings

mp4 319.31 MB

If you have a fetish for luxurious fully fashioned stockings this will be a rare treat! These are the most authentic, high quality vintage stockings in the world. Worship my perfect feet & legs encased in these ultra-sheer nylons.

Length: 11 minutes

Pantyhose Will Be Your Undoing

mp4 453.53 MB

Well, well Bond, you've finally caught up to me. The Dominatrix responsible for so many missing men. You know I did it but you don't know how I did it? Let me change into something more comfortable & I'll tell you all about it. Oh, you seem mesmerized by my pantyhose...go ahead, have a good look. It's just the two of us here, no harm in having a bit of fun before you take me in. Go on, touch them...smell my feet & crotch...glorious, isn't it? You're becoming so's as if you're under a spell...give into it...but beware, if you ejaculate all will go dark & you will find out, finally, what happened to all of my other victims...
Length: 15 minutes

Pantyhose Sniffer 2

wmv 287.41 MB

I had no idea there were so many pantyhose sniffing perverts out there..but the sales from the first "Pantyhose Sniffer" indicated otherwise. So I made another one, even better than the first one. Enjoy sniffers!
Length: 8 minutes

Panties For MILFs Boy

wmv 468.66 MB

It's intimate dress-up time with MILF! I've noticed my panties have been stretched out. My MILF's boy has been trying on my lingerie! It's okay, MILF loves you so she's picked up some things in your size and will show you how to get dressed up pretty like MILF. Things get a little naughty and dirty as usual and MILF promises you'll cum in your panties watching this.
Length: 13 minutes

Pantyhose, Heels and Barefeet

wmv 302.24 MB

If you're a fan of tan pantyhose, stiletto heels or barefeet you'll love this clip. Lots of great close POV shots. In HD you can see every wrinkle of my size 4 feet. I talk to you throughout the clip as I pose in 3 different pairs of heels, slowly remove my pantyhose and give you lots of time to wank while I instruct you on how to worship my beautiful feet.