Gloved Criminal Seduction

mp4 226.23 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You awake to find me robbing you but my leather gloves immediately arouse you so you just lay there as I approach you, a twinkle in my eye. I seduce you with my leather gloves. The thrill of having a powerful, dangerous woman touch you is overwhelming. I tease you, telling you that I know you're imagining me fucking you, the grip of my pussy like the grip of my hand around your hard cock. I tell you that if you keep quiet about me robbing you I'll come back in a couple of weeks & maybe I'll fuck you then, wearing these gloves, the gloves you know I use to steal & pick locks & at that time I'll clean you out completely. I'll drain you in every possible way.

Length: 11 minutes

Milking His Super Powers

mp4 267.46 MB

An evil villaness steals your super powers by milking you. You can not resist her seduction & skilled leather-gloved grip. You are no match for her, so give into it & enjoy...soon you'll be serving her in every way....*insert evil laughter here*

Length: 10 minutes

Bitchy Boss Degrading Milking

mp4 414.41 MB

Your boss motivates you in a special way. She keeps your cock & balls locked in chastity with the reward of being unlocked & milked once a month IF you meet all productivity goals. It means you end up working long hours & much harder than you ever thought possible, but you get so horny that you'll do anything to cum. Your boss isn't very nice about your monthly milking, she degrades you, ignores you & does little to help your orgasm along. She doesn't really care if you cum or not. She increases your goals for next month & it's unfair, but you'll keep coming back for more because she holds the key to your chastity device.

Length: 14 minutes

Prison Bitch Interrogation

mp4 370.62 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You have been caught masturbating in front of a woman (non-consensual). Under the new legislation sex offenders are treated much more harshly. You are chained naked to a chair getting interrogated by a sexy, Dominant woman...& you're scared shi++less. You're going to prison for sure but she wants you to further confess to intending to the woman, which will mean life in prison instead of a few years for indecent exposure. She graphically describes what life will be like for a little white boy like you in prison. How you'll be sodomized repeatedly by the other prisoners & guards. How you'll be made to suck cock, lick man ass & be a toilet. She tells you that if you confess to the greater crime she'll put in a good word for you with the warden. You might get leniency, maybe your own cell so you get a break from the abuse. But if you continue to resist confessing on record the two mean, burly guards outside that door will come in & beat a confession out of you anyway. At the end she further twists the knife by stripping down & showing you her beautiful body, saying that you'll never know the warmth of a woman again, that you'll never touch or taste or smell a woman ever again. The only sex you'll have from now on is with men as their prison bitch...& this is what happens to sex offender creeps who disrespect, objectify & violate women.

Length: 15 minutes

Fuckboy For Domme Boss

mp4 432.51 MB

You've just started a new job & you notice something is a little different. All the male employees seem very eager to please the hot, intimidating female boss. She instructs you to bring some files by her house in the evening, which is unorthodox but you want to make a good impression so you do it. Once there you learn what's really going on at work. The men in the office aren't just employees, they're also her fuckboys. They do their work AND they sexually service their Dominant boss lady. She tells you that you'll be auditioned tonight for future use. She wants to see your cock & how it performs. Despite being nervous & overwhelmed you get hard & manage to please her with the length of time it takes you to climax & with the size of your load. There's just something about her, the way she touches you, her voice, you are so incredibly turned on but you want to impress her. She describes how she'll use your mouth & cock for her pleasure and you already feel yourself falling under her spell...
Length: 16 minutes

Taking Your Virginity - Virtual Fuck

mp4 553.78 MB

Custom vid, the name "Brian" used throughout. We're coworkers & I ask you to come to my place after work to drop off some files. I tell you that I overheard the guys at the office teasing you about being a virgin. I seduce you into making out, then sex...telling you that I'm going to train you to be my fuck toy, I'll teach you how to please me, how to be a good lover...I tell you that it excites me to take your virginity...that I like knowing for the rest of your life the story of the first time you had sex will be about me.
Length: 20 minutes

New To Her Plantation

mp4 246.64 MB

A new slave is examined for suitability...will he be best suited for field work or for breeding...? (The "N" word is NOT used in this vid).
Length: 8 minutes

Self Control Test

wmv 342.96 MB

You're being interviewed for a job at an all-female company. As the only male in an office full of sexy, ambitious women it will be important for you to have a lot of self control. You will be thoroughly tested and as as you begin to fail the stakes get higher: The bitch interviewing you tells you that if you fail, not only will you not get a job with this company, you'll be black-balled in this town and you won't get a job with any decent company. The pressure is on! Do you think you can resist this powerful business woman's seduction?
Length: 9 minutes

Brutal Sexy Interrogation

wmv 211.56 MB

You're being held hostage and being interrogated by 2 sexy women. The busty brute will use you as a punching bag while you decide if you'll give the information they want. She'll smother you with her breasts until you gasp for air. This clip will make you gasp for breath. Brace yourself. (Female Boxing, smothering, breast fetish, POV, interrogation, female domination.)