MILF and Friends

mp4 185.79 MB

You're awoken by the sound of ladies giggling and talking coming from your MILF's get up and start to snoop but MILF hears you and calls you in...there's pretty Mommie with two of her super pretty friends! They gently tease you when they notice your little erection and realize you're not going to be able to get back to bed until you have an orgasm. MILF tells a couple of embarrassing stories about you as they all encourage you to play with yourself in front of're told to sniff Mommies friends pantyhose covered feet and to sniff her panties...then to kiss and lick her other friends perfect get to nuzzle those beautiful breasts and Mommie gives you a hand to put you over the edge... More of Domina Snow: - More of Sarah Blake:
Length: 6 minutes

Crotch Sniffer

mp4 261.17 MB

This is a custom vid...made for a very perverted young man. I am speaking to you directly, my boy. I tell you that I know about what you did the other day while you thought I was were horny & curious, trying to sniff my crotch. As you got closer and started to jerk off to it I woke up but pretended to be asleep because I wanted you to cum smelling your MILF's horny cunt through my tight pants. I also know that you told your friend about it and he wanted to sniff it so you stole my dirty panties and you two sniffed them and jerked off together. Me telling you these things makes your dick hard, I can see that, so go ahead and do it again: jerk off right in front of me while you sniff my crotch through my pantyhose...
Length: 9 minutes

sis's Pantyhose 2

mp4 213.06 MB

This is the perfect vid whether you're just into pantyhose or 'Fam fantasy' themes. The verbals are excellent and create a vivid, realistic bro/sis storyline. If you're not into that, just turn the volume off and enjoy the stunning visuals.
Length: 7 minutes

Firm But Fair MILF

mp4 467.09 MB

***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** action-packed clip covering many fetishes. MILF dearest is dishing out the punishment as she has discovered her boy looking at gay pornography again. She's strict but loving in explaining that he must learn to be straight, for her and for God. She disciplines and sensually seduces him to show him that a woman can turn him on too. He ends up lovingly nuzzling sexy MILF as she wanks him with her leather gloved hand....a dynamite, dirty vid that the whole Fam will love!
Length: 16 minutes

Stocking Cock Control

wmv 460.46 MB

Stockings are your weakness. As soon as you see those garters you know you can't resist. Go ahead and give into it...
Length: 13 minutes

Very Dirty Pantyhose

wmv 279.08 MB

How dirty are they? Very. This vid is irresistible to pantyhose fanatics, ass worshipers, foot lovers, scent fetishists and really, any Mistress T fan. Sultry, commanding and addicting. Admit it, there's almost nothing you wouldn't do if you were kneeling before me, cock in hand. If I told you to lick the filth from the bottom of my stocking covered foot: you would. If I told you to sniff the crotch of my sweaty, worn pantyhose: you would. If I jammed those dirty pantyhose into your mouth, gagged you with them: you'd blow your fucking load, now wouldn't you?!
Length: 7 minutes

Pantyhose Fetish

wmv 291.45 MB

This is heaven (or hell?) for pantyhose fetishists. See how long you can hold off as I tease you with my ass, legs & feet in sexy pantyhose.
Length: 8 minutes

Mean Pantyhose and Boot POV

wmv 164.87 MB

Whether your weakness is pantyhose, boots or're going to jerk off EXACTLY as I instruct you to...
Length: 4 minutes

Cum Eating Encouragement

wmv 136.51 MB

This is a unique and VERY powerful clip designed to help you, the viewer eat your own cum. I speak with you directly while demonstrating how I would encourage you to eat your own cum in my presence. Even better if you have a foot or pantyhose fetish but it will be just as effective if you're just a Mistress T addict. I know you want to eat your cum for me, you just need a little help, you need to be encouraged by a powerful Goddess. You will go through with it, for ME.
Length: 4 minutes

Office Pantyhose Pervert Exposed

wmv 176.94 MB

Office Pantyhose Pervert Exposed'Pantyhose pervert': does that describe you??? Do you drool thinking about touching pantyhose covered legs? Does your dick get hard thinking about sniffing pantyhose covered feet? If I say anymore you'll just jerk off to the description. Just download the clip, you know you can't resist.
Length: 5 minutes