Underwater Sexy Time

mp4 367.73 MB

This is a sexy feast for the eyes...my gorgeous body underwater...a very cool underwater cumshot (2 CUMSHOTS actually: from far away & close up!)...great for VOYEURS, CUCKOLDS or HANDJOB fans. NOTE: It's underwater, so obviously there's no audio. I chose to not add cheesy music but encourage you to listen to your own favorite music while watching...a great vid if your wife is asleep in the next room: shhh! *smile*
Length: 12 minutes

Jerk For jeans

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Do you like jeans? Do you like jerking off? Great! This is the masturbation instruction you've been looking for.
Length: 5 minutes

MILF Will Turn You Straight 2

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Your loving but strict MILF is still trying to turn you straight after discovering that you had been looking at gay pornography. She & you pray to God to help you with your affliction before her nightly ritual of jerking you off, showing you how pleasurable a woman can be. Tonight she turns up the intensity and makes you cum on Jesus on a cross to show him how much you appreciate him dying for your sins. RELIGIOUS + HANDJOBS +MILF + Fam FANTASIES + OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN
Length: 11 minutes

Obsessed With My Handjobs

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Love seeing my little hands wrapped around a big cock? Do you imagine I'm toying with your dick? Seducing you, teasing you, fucking with you? I know you're addicted to me...
Length: 16 minutes