Armpit Worship Lesson

wmv 145.74 MB

If you are to serve me properly you must learn to worship every inch of my body exactly as I like. Being this close to my warm, smooth armpit is very intimate, don't you think? To be close enough to breath in, observe and become addicted to my own personal scent. To be able to kiss and lick that private spot. It's an erogenous zone for me...if you follow my instructions and practice, you'll be able to make my pussy very, very wet...
Length: 4 minutes

Fart POV

wmv 160.86 MB

Farting. Point-Of-View. Ass Sniffing. Ass Smelling. Face Sitting. Panty Fetish. Goddess Worship. My-ass-your-face.
Length: 4 minutes

Stinky Sweaty Treat

wmv 290.93 MB

Scent is a powerful thing. This slave wanted to be the first to see me after my looong flight from Canada to London. Basically 2 days in the same cloths, you can imagine how I smelled. I was very amused by how much he loved the smell of my dirty armpits, feet and ass. I teased him with games of rock, paper. scissors and had a lot of laughs during his little sniff fest.
Length: 8 minutes

Worship Stubbly Smelly Armpits

wmv 167.42 MB

Does the natural scent of a woman drive you mad? That strong, musky, feminine fragrance...and armpit stubble too: divine. Don't just sit there's sniffing and drooling, get licking...
Length: 5 minutes