mp4 141.35 MB

She knows that you've been peeking and listening to her fuck her boyfriend now she's going to humiliate you for your unnatural lust. Teasing, taunting & mind fucking.
Length: 5 minutes

Jerk For jeans

mp4 142.32 MB

Do you like jeans? Do you like jerking off? Great! This is the masturbation instruction you've been looking for.
Length: 5 minutes

Be My Service Sub

mp4 243.37 MB

If you served me in real life you would be expected to perform all kinds of duties...including oiling me down after my bath...from head to toe...massaging the oil into my Goddess body. You can think about that while I talk to you about your life as my slave...& cum for me as I command you to...
Length: 11 minutes

Give Me Your Cum

mp4 169.18 MB

You come across an enchanting wood nymph in the forest...entranced, you are encouraged to touch yourself...but soon it is clear that you are under her spell & you'll give her your cum, whether you want to or not...
Length: 6 minutes

You Are Addicted

wmv 372.25 MB

This is a 'lighter' vid for my fans who aren't into heavy humiliation or some of the more extreme stuff I do. It is heavy on mind-fuckery, seduction, teasing, incredible views of my womanly figure in a sexy fishnet body pretty feet, my gorgeous ass... I know that many of you feel like you're addicted to me...that I'm your secret Mistress. You have watched many of my vids, you adore every inch of me, you love the sound of my voice...this vid will only feed your addiction and take you deeper...but you wouldn't even dream of resisting, now would you?

Stinky Sweaty Treat

wmv 290.93 MB

Scent is a powerful thing. This slave wanted to be the first to see me after my looong flight from Canada to London. Basically 2 days in the same cloths, you can imagine how I smelled. I was very amused by how much he loved the smell of my dirty armpits, feet and ass. I teased him with games of rock, paper. scissors and had a lot of laughs during his little sniff fest.
Length: 8 minutes