You Can't Resist The Giant Goddess

mp4 238.13 MB

Well, little man...I see your curiosity about Giantess's has finally gotten the best of you. You've heard about how powerful & dangerous we are but also how irresistibly sexy we are...you wanted to see for yourself but now I've also spotted YOU. I'm going to toy with you and make you jerk off to marinate/flavor yourself before I EAT YOU ALIVE!
Length: 8 minutes

Queen Of Disdain

mp4 199.51 MB

Whether the thought of me CRUSHing your nuts turns you on or if you enjoy watching my MOUTH eat things (VORE)...or if you love my FEET...there's enough visuals to turn your crank. Be warned though, I'm a bitch in this vid. All spice, no sugar. Unless you consider me talking about CHEWING your nuts up 'sweet talk'. Freak.
Length: 7 minutes

Man Eater

wmv 180.9 MB

This video is a cross between a drugged out, flying high fantasy and a terrifying nightmare...maybe a lucid but distorted dream...loosely inspired by scenes from the movie 'Fear & Loathing". You become conscience but you're foggy. You're either frozen in place of immobilized in some way. You see me licking and sucking something red off of my fingers. I taunt you about your VORE FETISH. How you wanted to be eaten, consumed by a beautiful Goddess...aware of it the entire time. You wanted to be transformed into food, like a hamburger, but hey, I'm not a magician! So I'm eating you bit by bit while you're still alive. You're surprisingly delicious! You had requested one last orgasm before the end but your hard, engorged cock looks too good to resist, so much better than a flacid little noodle ...finally, a use for a penis that I can REALLY SINK MY TEETH INTO!
Length: 5 minutes

Ultimate Servitude

wmv 294.28 MB

VORE (Vorarephilia, often shortened to vore, is a sexual fetish and paraphilia where arousal occurs from the idea of being eaten or by the process of eating.The fantasy may involve the victim being swallowed alive, and may or may not include digestion.) Whether you're into VORE or watching women EAT...or just into servitude/sacrifice you'll love this video which is a feast for the eyes. You want to serve me in the ultimate way? I turn you into a delicious hamburger and devour you, while you're fully aware of everything, my teeth ripping into you, chewing, swallowing, being digested in my stomach, nourishing my Goddess body and then later on, exiting from that perfect ass you've wanted to be close to...I guess you finally get your wish?!
Length: 8 minutes

Mouth Fetish Nuts

wmv 224.3 MB

This is the first of a series of mouth fetish vids, each with different items. This one has nuts. Lots of HD close ups of my teeth, tongue, throat, lips...chewing, biting into nuts.
Length: 6 minutes

I'm Eating You 2

wmv 373.11 MB

VORE: Vorarephilia is a sexual fetish and paraphilia where arousal occurs from the idea of being eaten, eating another, or watching this process.The fantasy may include digestion. The word vorarephilia is derived from the Latin vorare (to 'swallow' or 'devour') and Ancient Greek (philia, 'love').
Length: 10 minutes

I Am Eating You

wmv 218.08 MB

You can finally serve me in the ultimate way. I'm hungry and you're going to feed me. I've turned you into these delicious, juicy tomatoes. Food can't talk so I can't hear if you've changed your mind. I don't care. You can feel my hot tongue lick your skin and my teeth graze you as bit by bit I devour all of you. Tomato guts exploding over my tongue and squirting past my lips as I crunch my teeth down. You'll nourish me and become a part of me. Mouth fetish, teeth fetish, tongue fetish, lip fetish, food fetish, eating fetish.